Today’s Harvest February 19, 2018

16 defendants released in Afroto’s case

South Cairo Court released 16 defendants accused in case No. 350 of 2018 Mukattam Misdemeanors known as “Afrotto”, ANHRI’s Legal Aid Unit has appealed the detention of defendant Mohamed Hossam El-Din after the prosecution charged him with (gathering, displaying force, attempting to break into Mukattam police station, and assaulting public and private property).

Handing down the verdict in “Helwan Revolutionary Punishment Cell” case postponed to 5 March

The West Cairo Military Court decided to postpone pronouncing the verdict on 36 defendants in the case known in the media as “Helwan Revolutionary Punishment Cell” case to the 5 March hearing session.

Trial of the defendants in the “Guidance Office incidents” case postponed to March 1

The 11th terrorism chamber of Cario Criminal Court decided to postpone the re-trial of Mohamed Badei, the former guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and some of the group’s leaders, including  deputy guide Khairat al-Shater, former speaker of the parliament Sa’ad al-Katatni, Mohammed El-Beltagy, Essam El-Erian and 8 others in the case known in the media as the “Guidance Office incidents” for the 1 March hearing to hear the witnesses and to hear the statements of former Interior Minister Major-General Mohamed Ibrahim.

Trial of Badei in “Arab police station incidents” postponed to March 13

Port Said Criminal Court, convened at the Police Cadets Institute, presided over by Judge Sami Abdel Rahim, postponed the retrial of Mohamed Badei and 46 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the violence incidents that took place in Port Said in August 2013, known in the media as “Arab police station incidents” for the March 13 hearing, to hear the defense pleading.

The Supreme Administrative Court rejects Douma’s appeal to remove the glass cage during his trial

The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Judge Said Kassir rejected the appeal filed by Khaled Ali against the ruling issued by the Court of First Instance in the Administrative Court, dismissing a lawsuit demanding the removal of the glass cage during the trial proceedings of Ahmed Douma at the Police Cadets Institute in “The Cabinet of Ministers” case.

Death sentence for 4 defendants and 12 years aggravated imprisonment for another 14 in “Oussim cell” case

Cairo Criminal Court, convened at the Police Academy, presided over by Judge Shaaban al-Shamy, sentenced 14 defendants in presentia to 15 years aggravated imprisonment and 15 others to life imprisonment in absentia in the case known in the media as “Oussim cell”.

The court also sentenced 4 defendants to death after referring their papers to the Mufti.

Appeal of the Association of All Egyptians against excluding them from monitoring the elections set for adjudication on February 21

The first chamber of the Supreme State Council Administrative Court under the chairmanship of Judge Ahmed Abu al-Azm, the head of the State Council, decided to set the appeal filed by Wa’el Abdul Malak Labib, chairman of the Association of All Egyptians, demanding that the National Elections Commission be obliged to authorize his association to monitor the 2018 presidential elections and to give 200 registration codes to allow the observers to register on the commission’s website to for adjudication on February 21.

Handing down the verdict on the appeal against the decision to allow Musa Mustafa Musa to run for the presidential elections set for 21 February

The Supreme Administrative Court has set the appeal of lawyer Tarek al-Awadi, which calls for the suspension of the decision of the National Elections Commission, to announce the name of Musa Mustafa Musa as a candidate for the presidency to hand down its verdict on 21 February.

The 15 years aggravated imprisonment for 20 defendants and 10 years aggravated imprisonment for 69 defendants in the Arson of Hosh Issa Center” case upheld

The Supreme Military Court upheld the verdict issued by Alexandria Military Criminal Court in the case known in the media as the “Arson of Hosh Issa Center” in Beheira.

Imprisonment of two defendants in “Mekameleen II” renewed for 15 days  

The Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to renew the detention of journalist Hossam Al-Suweifi and Islam Ashri for 15 days in the case known in the media as “Mekameleen II”. The prosecution has charged them with taking part with a terrorist group in achieving its goals for both of them and publishing false news for the latter. .