“Lawyers for Democracy” issues its monthly report to monitor the democratic path during (October 2017)

 Cairo – November, 2017

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today announced the release of the 10th monthly report by Lawyers for Democracy initiative in 2017 to monitor the situation of the democratic path in Egypt during October.

The report monitored the ongoing crackdown on human rights defenders, the ongoing protests and demands to improve the economic and social conditions, and the decline of the situation of democracy in Egypt.

The report observed during October:

  • Unlawful imprisonment renewal for journalist and human rights defender Hisham Jaafar
  • Death sentences against 33 defendants
  • 247 civilians brought before military courts
  • 27 protest events
  • 12 violations against media freedoms

ANHRI said: “The imprisonment renewal of journalist and human rights defender Hisham Jaafar for another 45 days despite the expiry of his pre-trial detention, which exceed the maximum limit of pre-trial detention was one of the most prominent events in October that reveal how pre-trial detention is used as a punishment for opinion makers and human rights defenders.”

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The Democratic Path in Egypt During October 2017 pdf

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