Forum of Civil Society in Districts and Governorates between Poor Performance, Lack of Diversity and Specialization Towards Democratic Law for Civil Society in Egypt

 In light of the sufferings of the civil society of media defamation and legislative restrictions, and unjustified dominance of administration, despite the contribution of civil society organizations in supporting the democratic structure of Egypt and in finding ways for change and reform, in addition to its obvious support to social and economic development and its contributions in areas of health, education and construction of infrastructure as well as other roles and responsibilities took place by these institutions over two hundred years of existence and communication with citizens in Egypt.


The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists organizes the Forum of “Civil Society in districts and governorates between poor performance, lack of diversity and specialization- Towards democratic law for civil society in Egypt “. The Forum will be held in June 27, 2012 at 5 pm in the international youth city, before Granada cafeteria, El Arish, with the speaking of Dr. Sameh Atta Sobhy, Mr. Saber Nayel and Mr. Bakr Sweilem.


With the presence of 200 of civil society experts and lawyers interested in public affairs, the Forum will discuss the following axes:


Axis I: Civil society in the electoral programs of candidates for the presidency between absence and negligence.


Axis II: North Sinai : discussing the case of civil society: Reality- needs – development of performance
Axis III: Civil society organizations and the support of citizenship and nationalism: a new culture ahead of the revolution of January


This forum comes within a series of forums organized by the Arab Program in seven Egyptian governorates within the framework of the Project of “Towards building new culture of civil action in Egypt” on the backdrop of the raids against civil society associations and human rights organizations in Egypt and the smear systematic campaigns launched ahead of the Egyptian revolution. Also, in the context of the insistence of the Egyptian government to pass a new law that does not meet the requirements of the liberation of civil society associations.