An Eye on talk shows Issue #8


This is the eighth episode of the bimonthly publication of “An Eye on Talk shows” covering the time from mid October  to the end of October. It, of course, does not cover all talk shows aired during this period, but it monitors the most prominent programs which are popular, and therefore, it could influence public awareness.

This edition covers an important period, during which terrorist attacks in Sinai and the Oasis took place, beside the situation of human rights, the visit of President Abdul Fattah al Sisi to France, and the ongoing attack by the talk show celebrities against Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and whoever opposes the current regime.

The anchors of the talk shows kept following the same media policy in spreading ignorance among the public by depending on information from an unknown source, supporting the stance of the authorities in all its economic, social and security decisions and promoting same message delivered by the authorities that the war on terror is a good justification for oppression, incitement and impoverishment.


Sunday 15th October

At the afternoon of this Sunday, it was announced that 24 terrorists and 6 of the military forces were killed in an ambush in al Qawadis of Sinai, according to the army spokesman.

In the evening, the coverage of all talk shows was different except for ‘Ala Masouliti – on my responsibility’ by Ahmed Moussa which is aired on ‘Sada al Balad’ channel, as his coverage was the strangest. Moussa found that the best way to respond to these terrorist attacks is by launching a twitter hashtag “we will vote for Sisi again because..” calling for his viewers to write on social media the reasons why they are going to vote for Sisi, justifying this by claiming that the terrorist attacks are funded by an assembly that consists of “agents, brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey”, asserting that the attacks will increase as the elections are approaching, as these terrorists are aiming to push Egyptians not to elect Sisi for a second term, that is why he called on the public to write the reasons why they are going to reelect Sisi, ignoring that the election campaigns did not start yet.

On his program “Everyday” on “ON E” channel, Amr Adib said  that the terrorist attacks in Sinai are a result for what Egypt did in Palestine and its role in the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.

Adib showed a recorded interview with the Minister of foreign affairs Sameh Shukri, and it was a frank interview as Shukri talked about the UNESCO elections and the Gulf crisis with Qatar.

Monday 16th October

Adib followed the same attitude of Moussa on his program “Everyday” aired on “ON E” channel in dealing with terrorist attacks, criticizing those who write on social media after every terrorist attack. Adib kept attacking those who criticize the police and army performance in dealing with terrorists. He was very nervous when he called for using such attacks to be a chance for supporting the regime and the state.

Tuesday 17th October

Moussa continued, on his program, attacking Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. He hosted Tharwat al-Kharabawi, a researcher of Islamist groups, who held the Brotherhood responsible for terrorism in Egypt and the Arab world, asserting that Hassm movement, Bayt al Maqdes and Hamas are branches of the Brotherhood.

Al Kharabawi, like most of Moussa’s guests, accused social media of being responsible for the security crackdown and guilty of supporting terrorist attacks. Moussa broadcast a voice recording for Mohsen Radi, a former leader in Muslim Brotherhood, talking about the soccer player, Mohamed Abu Terika, using this recording to incite against Abu Terika.

Amr Adib in his program criticized the freedom concept in Egypt, saying “freedom in Egypt is not great.. but nobody writes in any country in the world what is written in Egypt specially on social media.

Asking the public: tell me about one Arab or middle eastern country in which people can say openly from inside their country something like what is being said in Egypt” asserting that Egypt lacks political life and parties.

Adib hosted his brother Emad Al Din Adib, a media figure, this part of the show was just propaganda for the regime. As Emad said that president Abdul Fattah Al Sisi, when he became president, he faced challenges in reality and security concerns, asserting that the situation in the state now is a result of the absence of dialogue and ignoring the achievements on ground.

Wednesday 18th October

While Ahmed Moussa’s episode was dedicated to the prisons sector, but the fixed extract of the news was, as usual, dedicated to attacking Qatar, using verbal abuse  against the Qatari regime and people, using a headline claiming that it belongs to al Ahram newspaper, an issue of the year 1971, stating that Egypt granted Qatar “underwear and slippers to decrease the percentage of barefoot citizens”.

As for the basic extract, in which Moussa hosted the brigadier Gamal Diab, director of planning and research in  prisons sector, and although the guest (professionally) is an important one, the anchor rendered the interview to a reputation polishing interview. He also spoke about the aid which are granted to the prisoners’ families, criticizing granting money to Brotherhood families, stating “I feel angry.. those who you are treating, teaching their children and granting them monthly wages go outside Egypt and attack us”.


Thursday 19th October

It seems that their were orders to polish the reputation of the prisons sector, as Osama Kamal hosted the head of human rights committee in the parliament, Alaa Abed, in his program ‘DMC Night’, to talk about human rights in Egypt and the situation in prisons. From the very beginning of the episode, Kamal was attacking human rights organizations which write reports about the situation in Egytian prisons and human rights. The whole episode was just propaganda stating that “Egyptian prisons are the best worldwide”. Osama said that human rights activists accept bribes in the form of international awards to push them to defend human rights.

The episode was dedicated to polishing the reputation of the human rights committee in the parliament and the Ministry of Interior. Abed asserted that the situation in Egyptian prisons is “good”, and that violations are only “individual mistakes” which are dealt with immediately by the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecution. Abed said that the state institutions are falling short in terms of explaining the situation, and the committee is going to prepare a whole file about human rights and terrorism in Egypt and it is going to copy it on a CD and send it to all embassies in Egypt.

Saturday 21st October

Moussa played the same game, using the terrorist attack that took place in the Oasis to support the regime, the military and the police. Moussa criticized some anchors who had some reservations about the operation, asserting that all countries worldwide, when a terrorist attack takes place, stand behind the police and the army without criticizing.

Moussa hosted by phone Mortada Mansour, head of al Zamalek Sports Club, they both agreed that social media is one of the supporting tools for terrorist operations. Mansour said that the state should suspend these sites until the war on terror is over. Moussa hosted in the studio three former generals from the Ministry of Interior to analyze the operation, they defended the police. Moussa broadcast a voice recording for one of the police doctors talking about the operation in detail.

In his program “Everyday”, Amr Adib criticized the reaction of some people towards the operation, saying that there is no state worldwide facing what Egypt is facing. Adib asked: If Sisi leaves office after his first term, will terrorism stop? If the man knew that terrorism will go away if he leaves he would say goodbye”.

Adib called for the media sector in the Ministry of Interior to combat rumors and false news released after each accident, screaming: “do not say that you do not have time… do not let our blood go in vain.”

Adib suggested to prevent any police or military officer from accessing social media, saying: ‘those who want to have a social media account should find another job, you are working in a country that is in war, every post you share on social media is considered military information’.


Sunday 22nd October

In this episode Moussa apologized for broadcasting the voice recording he aired on Saturday. He attacked a number of media figures without naming them but it was obvious that he meant “Wael al Ebrashi” and ‘Amr Adib’ as they attacked him verbally for broadcasting a non verified voice recording. Moussa assured his loyalty to the police.

Moussa hosted Morad Wahba, a philosopher, he was hosted by Moussa after an interview in al Wafd newspaper, as Wahba  accused Egyptian intellectuals of treason. The episode turned to attack the Muslim Brotherhood and the intellectuals, claiming that they are behind forming the terrorists’ mentality.

In his program “Everyday”, Adib continued following up the Oasis accident, but the episode was rather reflecting Adib’s point of view without any new information or a guest that can explain or analyze what happened in the terrorist operation despite of its fatality.

Monday 23rd October

Moussa prepared a whole episode to call for issuing a new special law, which he called “the martyr right”. He hosted three members of the parliament who reflected the same opinion, they agreed on issuing this law as fast as possible.

In his program “Everyday”, Amr Adib uncovered information claiming that there are 3 thousand ISIS fighters originally from Egypt and of course they will attempt to come back, but he did not mention the source of such information. Adib said that the British and French decided to kill any citizen carrying their nationality who joins ISIS.

Adib referred to the Egyptian borders with Libya saying that it is too long, saying: “whatever we do terrorists are going to pass”.. he added: “we are talking about 40 thousand ISIS fighters disbanded after the defeat of ISIS, they will regroup and a big part of them are going to target the Libyan-Egyptian borders.

Tuesday 24th October

In his program “On my responsibility” Moussa hailed President Sisi’s response, along with President Macron’s, in the press conference held during the president’s visit to Paris. Moussa considered Macron a copy from Trump, because he proved to have good information about the situation in Egypt. Moussa accused NGOs of accepting foreign funds to publish reports about the situation in prisons which defame the state, asserting that these are all “lies”.

In this episode Moussa said a group of lies concerning France, as he said that in Paris it is not allowed for any French newspaper to publish anything about terrorism except with an official statement by the government, and that verbal sympathy with terrorism leads to prison. He asked about the public opinion concerning issuing a new law to punish the terrorists families.

In his program “Everyday”, Amr Adib suggested to issue a new tax under the name of “Fighting Tax” to be imposed on Egyptians and to open an account in a Bank receiving the revenue of this tax to be dedicated to the martyrs’ families. Adib called for the Council of Ministers to grant the families of martyrs remarkable privileges, and for the Parliament to work on ratifying the new tax law as soon as possible, saying: enough with slogans.. honoring is great, but life is money.”

Wednesday 25th October

Moussa followed the line of Sisi’s responses in France concerning human rights in Egypt saying: “We should not restrict human rights only in politics, we have to talk about human rights in education, health and housing”. Moussa then prepared a whole episode talking about problems concerning health, education and electricity in Egypt. In his introduction he attacked Human Rights Watch which criticized the French stance with Sisi. Moussa said that Human Rights Watch defends NGOs which accept foreign funds to destroy Egypt. As usual, he denied 25th January revolution, saying that Egyptian did not revolt except on the 30th of June 2013, which was a revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood and activists, claiming that there is no peaceful opposition in Egypt.

Adib, in his program “Everyday” broadcast on “ON E” channel saw that what happened in France during the press conference is good material for entertainment. Adding that the most important thing is the economic and investment results of the visit. Adib read the news before hosting the singer Medhat Saleh in a special episode, considering the ratification of the Council of Ministers of the new health insurance law is a great achievement and a historical event. Adib, for 15 minutes, kept talking about the how positive such a law is, without mentioning the negative aspects of the law explained by the Syndicate of Doctors and a number of NGOs.

Saturday 28th October

Although Moussa’s episode was dedicated to the issue of violence against women, he started his episode attacking the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar, saying that the law of combating cyber crime is going to be issued soon and it is going to criminalize “insults” posted on social media. He published his personal photos while visiting the wounded of the Oasis terrorist operation among a media delegation.

Sunday 29th October

The episode was dedicated to follow up the president’s visit to the third army, hosting General Mahmoud Khalaf, to comment on the visit. After talking about the army and its logistic equipment, Moussa pushed the guest to talk about Qatar’s role in the terrorist operations taking place in Egypt and worldwide.

Monday 30th October

Amr Adib broadcast a peculiar and important episode about the most dangerous fraud in the field of technology which may lead to penetrating the privacy of personal as well as bank accounts. He hosted two experts in technology, and it was a rich and useful episode.

Tuesday 31st October

Moussa’s episode was a celebration of the operation executed by the military and security forces to free Captain Mohamed al Hayes, who was abducted by the terrorist group which carried out the Oasis terrorist operation. Moussa went beyond the media custom when he ignored his duty to ask about the execution of the operation to explain and clarify the picture to the public, he repeatedly said that the details are not important what matters for every Egyptian is to celebrate.

Amr Adib joined the party celebrating freeing Captain Mohamed al Hayes in his program aired on “ON E”, thanking the army, security forces and president al Sisi for their success in freeing al Hayes. Adib said: ‘Everybody now knows that we have a sword and a shield protecting the people, the return of one alive is as giving life to all people, everybody is happy and joyful and ululating”.