Egypt: ANHRI launches the first issue of the Worker’s Guide Series Entitled: “How to conduct a successful union negotiation?”


Cairo 9 January, 2018

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today launched the first issue of the Worker’s Guide Series entitled “How to conduct a successful union negotiation?” This guide is the first publication of the Freedom of Expression for Workers and Social Movements program, on of ANHRI’s programs. It is printed on 40 small pocket-size pages, and provides answers to many questions about collective union negotiation.

The guide begins by defining collective bargaining, when and how did it start, and how it evolved, and what is the legal reference that makes it binding to both sides of the work contract (The Workers and Employers), did Egypt sign the Convention on the Rights of Workers and Employers to form their union organizations?

The guide moves to the stage of negotiation within a factory or establishment and how this process takes place between the workers and the employer or his representative in the light of the international agreements before resorting to other forms of protest.

The guide sets out, in points, the factors that contribute to the success or failure of collective negotiation and provides the negotiator with many tips to help him succeed in his mission.

After the negotiations are over, the guide emphasizes the importance of writing the conclusion that has been reached between the parties in a collective agreement and clarifies the conditions that must be observed in the agreement so as not to result in the nullity of the agreement, such as writing the agreement in Arabic and adopting it from the competent authorities within a specific period of time, and more.

The guide concludes with a question about what happens if the employer refuses to negotiate with the union or the workers’ representatives, or if the negotiation process reaches a dead end, but it does not answer this question, which is to be for the second issue of this series, which will come out soon.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said, “The guide how to conduct a successful union negotiation is the first of a series of guides on the right of expression for workers and social movements. The program of freedom of expression for workers and social movements is an objective response to meet the needs of workers at this stage, especially after the new “Trade union organizations and the protection of the right to organize” law was issued, and the new labor law which should be issued and other matters affecting the economic and social interests of workers”

Starting today, ANHRI will begin distributing the guide, which is available through the following link:

Worker’s Guide