Despite Eid and summer holidays, 38 social and labor protests in August ANHRI releases its 8th report on the labor and social protests index

Cairo: 5 September 2018

The Freedom of Expression for Labor and Social Movements program of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said: “Social protests dominated the protests ranking during the month of August, which were characterized by their spontaneity and being natural rather than planned in advance. Gatherings were at the forefront of social protests, and spontaneous protests exceeded 75%”.

The program monitored during August 2018: (38 protests), including (9 labor and professional protests) and (29 social protests).

Al-Beheira city topped the labor and professional protests by 2 protests, while Cairo topped social protests by 5 protests during August. Alexandria and Dakahlia, however, came in second place in the social protests index.

The sports sector topped all other sectors in terms of the number of labor and professional protests during August by (3) protests, and the security sector topped all forms of social protests by (8) protests.

The program monitored a noticeable activity of the extremist groups in Upper Egypt, where they organized protests and threw stones at churches, amid reluctance from the security forces; as they show slowness in responding to distress calls from church leaders.

These incidents didn’t suddenly break out. There have been a set of preludes to them which were very plain; given the closure of the public sphere in front of citizens and the adoption of some repressive laws. This media blackout coincides with the adoption of Law No. 175 of 2018 that encroaches on the citizens’ right to freedom of expression on the Internet and deprives them of their right to express their opinion.

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Labor and Social Protest Index during August

Labor & Social protests Index in August 2018 in Word format

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