ANHRI: Unjust prison sentences against workers as punishment for exercising their constitutional right to strike

Cairo: 4 June, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the ruling issued today by Al-Maadi Misdemeanor Court to imprison 32* of the administrative security workers at Tora Cement Factory for three years with labor, after they have been accused of resisting the authorities while they were carrying out their work, assaulting the judicial arrest officer and bullying.

ANHRI said, “The right to strike is guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution in Article (15), which stipulates that “Striking peacefully is a right which is organized by law”. Also, Article (8) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights provided that the “States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to ensure: (d) The right to strike, provided that it is exercised in conformity with the laws of the particular country.”

ANHRI demanded to respect the constitution alongside the ratified international conventions and not to prosecute workers for merely exercising their guaranteed rights.

ANHRI also called on Al-Maadi Misdemeanor Appellant Court, which will be reviewing the ruling issued against Tora Cement workers, to implement the provisions of the Constitution and law, and to order their acquittal.

A number of administrative security workers at the Tora cement factory announced staging a strike and a two-month sit-in inside the factor’s headquarters, calling on the administration to meet their demands, which include their appointment and not being replaced with security personnel from a privately-owned company. In return, the factory’s administration filed a complaint at Al-Maadi police station accusing four of the workers of organizing a strike and disrupting work inside the factory. Consequently, the police broke into the factory under the guise of carrying out the arrest warrant against the four workers, arrested 32 of the workers therein for allegedly attacking the police forces while doing their job, and referred them to the Public Prosecution for investigations.


* Mohamed Ragab Harb, Ahmed Fathi, Alaa Abdullah, Hassan Haroun, Ali Said, Mohamed Saad Mahmoud, Ismael Abdelkader, Ismail Alian, Mahmoud Ismail, Mahmoud Ismail, Hatem Mohamed Ahmed, Yassin Salama, Abd al-Tawab, Mohammed Mamdouh, Badr Abdel Halim, Bayoumi Abdel Moneim, Ahmed Antar, Ayman Reza, Ahmed Hussein Fikry, Ahmed Mohamed, Ramiz Saleh, Ashour Khairy, Mohamed Badawi, Yasser Mohamed, Hassan Ibrahim, Ismail Mansour, Mohamed Salah Abd Elkhalek.