Yemeni journalist falls into a coma after being tortured by Houthis

Cairo: 28 August, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) deprecated the torture endured by the Yemeni journalist “Abdel Rahim Mohsen”, after being kidnapped, last Tuesday, by al-Houthi group, while he was on his way to the area of al-Raheda in southern Taiz, which they took control of. He was heading there for treatment following the recent deterioration of his health while suffering diabetes.

Last Wednesday, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate announced it received a report from the family of the journalist, who has been abducted by some armed men in plain clothes, belonging to al-Houthi group, at a checkpoint in Al-Rahda area, before Tuesday afternoon. The kidnappers also searched the journalist’s house located in a village affiliated with Al-Salou Governorate in the province of Taiz.

The name of the abducted journalist is linked to the current military conflict in Yemen; because he opposes the “Houthi coup against legitimacy”- as he called it- which may represent the reason behind his retaliation and torture.

Journalists in Yemen, in general, are at risk of abduction, murder, and torture, or being convicted over mock trials. Armed groups controlling specific areas are targeting journalists in the midst of the conflict witnessed by the country. Such systematic violations against journalists and activists in Yemen come in light of a humanitarian crisis afflicting the country because of this disastrous war.

It’s worth mentioning that there are about 18 journalists languishing in the prisons of Houthis owing to their critical stances. In a previous report released by ANHRI addressing the abuses experienced by journalists in Yemen, it said: “Journalists face difficulties in their work in the areas of war conflicts, however, the situation goes beyond the usual degree of seriousness; as it has extended to the direct and systematic targeting of journalists and activists by Yemen’s warring parties”.

ANHRI, thus, holds the kidnappers (Houthi group) responsible for the personal and health safety of journalist Abdel Rahim Mohsen. It, as well, calls for halting the direct targeting of journalists in Yemen by the different conflict’s parties.