8 August, 2017

Today’s Harvest Egypt: 8 August, 2017

 Imprisonment of 235 of Al-Zamalek club fans renewed

The Military Court, held today at Alexandria, ordered the imprisonment renewal of 235 people from Al-Zamalek club fans, who were arrested after the match between their team and the Libyan Ahly Tripoli in the African Championship, for 15 days pending investigations conducted with them in the case.

Defendants accused of storming al-Tebein police station sentenced to 10 years in prison

Today, Cairo Criminal Court presided over by Counselor Sherin Fahmy sentenced two defendants in the case known in media as “incidents of storming al-Tebein police station” to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment in addition to a fine of 10 million and 101,000  and 79 LE as compensation of damage. The court also ruled to put them under police supervision for five years after the expiration of the prison term.

Adjudication ruling against an accused into “Al-Zaitoun Terrorist Cell” postponed

Today, Cairo Criminal Court, convened at the Police Cadets Institute and at headed by Counselor Hassan Farid, adjourned the pronunciation of the adjudication ruling over the retrial of a defendant into  “Al-Zaitoun Terrorist Cell” to the hearing of 14 October 2017.

The defendant is facing charges pertaining to the establishment of a terrorist group targeting Copts and tourists in Egypt, monitoring oil lines and ship tracking in Suez Canal, and producing electrical circuits to be used in acts of violence inside the country.

Trial of defendants in “Ansar Beit Al-Maqdes” case adjourned

Cairo Criminal Court, convened at the Police Cadets Institute and headed by Counselor Hassan Farid, today postponed the trial of the defendants, who are accused of attempted assassination of former Minister of the Interior Mohamed Ibrahim in the case known in media as “Ansar Beit Al-Maqdes”, to the 22nd of August 2017.

Imprisonment renewal of 9 of “Al-Waraq island” residents postponed

Al-Giza Prosecution ruled to adjourn reviewing the imprisonment renewal of 9 defendants from Al-Warraq Island residents to the hearing of 15 August 2017, due to the failure to transfer them to the court.

Agouza Appellant Misdemeanor acquits 8 citizens from possessing publication charge

Today, Agouza Appellant Misdemeanor repealed the 5-year prison sentence issued against 8 citizens after accusing them of possessing leaflets that bear offensive phrases and protesting without a permit at Agouza neighborhood. The court accordingly ruled them innocent from the charges attributed to them.

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