The Republic of Maspero.. A new study by ANHRI giving a reform perspective for ERTU

26 December, 2016

airo: 26 December, 2016

Today, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) publishes a new study reflects a modest effort and assiduousness to reform the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), and how it could be transformed to a public service media that is funded by the people providing a media service for them, rather than being used as a platform for the government-backed media.

The 52-medium size page study, entitled “The Republic of Maspero.. ERTU – The Egyptian Radio and Television Union from a reform perspective”, is prepared by media researcher Amer El-Wekeel” and based on the study of previous international experiences, such as that of South African experience and the Czech Republic, in addition to several interviews and Egyptian alongside foreign media experts and professionals.

The study involves many statistics relating to Maspero and examples of the media content problem. It also monitors the most important TV channels and radio stations and how they can be operating in a way that would achieve the public service media.

The report study also includes a discussion and comments on major legislative provisions in connection with the press and media as well as the National Media Organization (NMO).

The study, that ANHRI is publishing today, will be added to the initiatives and efforts exerted by ANHRI to reform the press and media authority after January 25 Revolution; starting from its participation in forming the National Coalition for Media Freedom and the conferences held to study various media reform experiences providing a model structure for press unions, till this study being launched today, which reflects assiduousness by media researcher who has been working for many years in ERTU and spares no effort to make Maspero express the professional media (public service media) instead of the targeting media that serves the state bodies in Egypt..

The Republic of Maspero ERTU – The Egyptian Radio and Television Union from a reform perspective pdf


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