The Martyrs of Journalism in Egypt since the 25th of Jan Revolution & Impunity



page-renDoes the ones accused of murder get punished in Egypt?

We do not need that much time to think about it before we can answer this question: It depends on who is the Killer and who got killed!

Therefore and especially when justice discriminates between the victims, when it moves diligently or slowly according to who got killed or who is accused of murder, this is precisely what we call the “Impunity” phenomenon.

This phenomenon is not new in Egypt; let us say it goes back to the 80s?! We believe this to be the most accurate moment in history at which this phenomenon started escalating and spreading, and since then it has never stopped or decreased in Egypt.

Extrajudicial killings, torture, enforced disappearance, surveillance, taking hostages, are all very common forms of violations that were practiced during the Mubarak era.

And now, after such a great revolution as the 25th of January, this phenomenon has not stopped, it might have witnessed some change in the details, yet the phenomenon itself, in its essence, continues till this day, it even includes something more than before: The killers of journalists are getting away with it.


Eleven Journalists killed in 40 months, specifically between the 28th of Jan 2011 and the 28th of March 2014, some of them are professionals, and some are amateurs, but this is not important, what really matter is: Where were they? For which newspaper, agency or TV channel are they working?

This information could be the most important according to the standards of justice in Egypt!

So if you were a journalist, who works for an opposition-run newspaper, or if you are affiliated to the opposition, it will take months or even years before the accused gets punished. On the other hand, if you were a journalist who belongs to, or supports the regime, then justice will be swift.

Most of the eleven journalists were targeted because they are journalists; some of them were carrying cameras, while others were just there at the places where the clashes took place, they died without being targeted on purpose. If you were a famous journalist or if your face was easy to recognize, this could be a mixed blessing, it depends on the ones who are attacking you.


In spite of the protection dictated by the national and international legislations for journalists in the field, and in spite of the protection dictated by the international humanitarian law for the journalists even in areas of conflict, most of the journalists are being targeted in Egypt. 11 journalists paid with their lives, for trying to document what was happening on the ground and share it with the public, in addition to hundreds who were victims of corporal punishment, freedom-depriving penalties, banning from practicing their jobs. This took place during different events of the waves of the Egyptian Revolution, since the 25th of January 2011 till now.


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