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Three activists detained in Alexandria for allegedly belonging to terrorist group

7 May, 2017

Cairo: 7 May, 2017 1st Al-Raml Prosecution decided, yesterday (May 6), to imprison the three activists (Ahmed Ibrahim, Al-Shazly Hussein, Islam Rabie Abdel-Rahman- aka Islam Al-Hadry) for 15 days pending investigations. The three were arrested amid a security crackdown on Friday ...

Iran: “Qanoon” Newspaper Closed for Publishing Report on Prison Conditions

21 June, 2016

 Cairo: 21 June, 2016  The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) deprecated the closure of “Qanoon” independent newspaper yesterday (June 20), over alleged charges of “defamation and dissemination of false information to create a state of public concern”, after it published ...

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Mass Arrests and Violation of Law in Egypt.. ANHRI Condemns the Return of ‘Dawn Visitors’ Phenomenon and Calls on the Minstry of Interior to Respect the Constitution

24 April, 2016

 Cairo: 24 April, 2016  Hours ahead of April 25 protests, the phenomenon of arresting political activists, journalists and social media activists from their homes at dawn without any legal grounds- in what is known as “Dawn Visitors”- has been returned back, ...