Sudan: Sudanese Authorities Ban Prominent Dissident “Mariam Al-Mahdi” from Travelling

Cairo: 12 October 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, condemned the travel ban imposed on Dr. Mariam Al-Mahdi twice in two days by the Sudanese authorities, represented in the Sudanese Public Security. First time was on Tuesday, October 10, while the second time was on the following day, Wednesday. One of the Sudanese Public Security personnel intercepted Mariam Al-Mahdi before getting into the airplane, took her ticket, and informed her with the travel ban decision without announcing any reasons. During the first time of banning her from travelling, Al-Mahdi stated that the head of security at the airport derided of her, took her boarding pass, and told her that “He does not like her appearance, so he would ban her from travelling.” In the second time, on Wednesday morning, she was banned from travelling after buying a ticket once again, as the airport security official derided of her one more time when she asked about the reason behind the ban, saying “I did it for God sake”.

Al-Mahdi, a deputy-president of the National Umma Party, was heading for the Egyptian capital of Cairo, and then for Paris to attend the Sudan Revolutionary Front’s leadership council, chaired by Jibril Ibrahim, which was set on October `12. Following her travel ban, Al-Mahdi stated that she had finished all the travel procedures, including the visa and ticket, yet she was surprised that the Sudanese Public Security banned her from travelling.

Noteworthy, Mariam Al-Mahdi is the daughter of the Sudanese Political, thinker and head of Umma Party, Al-Sadeq Al-Mahdi, and she is famous for her anti-regime views by her stances supporting women’s rights.

“The arbitrary actions against Mariam Al-Mahdi by the Sudanese authorities show the extent of the repression of Sudan’s regime and the lack of respect for the personal rights of citizens and their right to move and travel. Furthermore, they reflect this regime’s continual violation of the freedom of expression that include clamping down on journalists, dissidents and human rights defenders,” ANHRI said.

ANHRI calls on the Sudanese authorities to stop such arbitrary actions against those of opposite opinions, as well as the target of Sudan’s opposition figures. Also, the security services should abide by the law, and human rights values, particularly the freedom of expression.