Sudan: Security Forces Stormed House of Activist “Sandra Farouk Kodouda” & Interrogated her over Defamation Charge

Cairo: 21 April, 2015

CCZ7rjiW4AAdsmK.jpg-largeThe Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the raid on the house of activist “Sandra Farouk Kodouda”, by Sudanese security body, in Taif neighborhood in Khartoum, the affront to her, and also the arrest of a leader at Sudan Solidarity Committee named Dr. Galal Al-Din Mustafa.

Some members of the activist’s family along with a set of supporters, yesterday morning, headed towards the security body office so as to file a complaint regarding the abduction and torture of Sandra, particularly after proving this via a medical report. Thereafter, they returned home in Taif neighborhood.

In the meantime, the security body, yesterday’s morning, hastened to release a statement announcing that it has filed a report before the State Security Prosecution against Sandra Kodouda over defamation charges in virtue of Articles (21, 66, 69, 97, 114, 159) of Criminal Code that concern publishing, propaganda, provision of information, allegations, accusations and false news, disturbing public safety, defamation, and criminal participation.

Human rights activist “Sandra Farouk Kodouda” was abducted on Sunday, April 12, at 5:00 PM for partaking in a sit-in for boycotting the elections. The kidnappers, however, had left her in a place near her house on Wednesday April 15, as she was given severe beatings and looked extremely fatigue.

Noteworthy, Sudanese authorities have confiscated the issues of “Al-Sudani” and “AlYoum Al-Tali” newspapers for publishing the case of activist Sandra Kodouda.

“The security body is responsible for the safety of citizens, so it should announce the identities of kidnapers, as it shouldn’t rectify its violations by committing other violations,” ANHRI says.

ANHRI demands an urgent investigation into the complaint filed by Sandra’s family over its abduction incident and the release of Dr. Galal Al-Din Mustafa. In addition, it calls on the authorities to stop its tactic of confiscating newspapers.

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