Sudan :- Fine for journalist  ( Sohaier Abd- el Raheem ) for criticizing of the police  

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the ruling issued Monday morning ( 21 August 2017 ) by Press and Publications Court which fines the former journalist and writer in ( al tayar ) newspaper  (sohier abd elreheem ) with  the fine of 3 thousands  sudanese  pounds for the claims of offending and  being sarcastic about the sudanese police performance , underestimating the prestige of the police , this is all for severe critics that she wrote about the sudanese police .

The court of press and publications have issued yesterday  the adjudication of the fine of 5 thousands  on the newspaper that published the article and the 3 thousands for the writer , the article ( the slippers of the police ) which criticise severely the speed in which the police tracked the slippers thieves in the mosques and it is deceleration in tracing the public sector thieves and the ones involved in a corruption cases , all types , all forms .

The court have considered the case after Official communiqué that had been proposed by the

Chief police of (khartoom ) for the information and press Prosecution against the writer and the newspaper ,accusing her of mocking the police and underestimate it prestige .

  The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said that the adjudication against the writer is Unfair judgment even if it did not include the Imprisonment punishment , as it is considered that the critics for the executives,public employees is a right for every single citizen as for the international covenant on civil and political rights which sudan had agreed on it in 18 march 1986 . the human rights committee in the UN have announced its  concern for the rules that contains punishments on the underestimating the king , public officials , unrespected to the authority , the flag and the  Defamation of the president and the public officials .

The ( ANHRI) added that the adjudication confirms the intent of the sudanese authorities on violating the freedom of expression and  confiscation of the newspapers after released for crossing the red lines .

The arab network for human rights information demanded the sudanese authorities to drop the charge against the writer ( sohier abd – el raheem ) and stop tracing the journalists and the human rights defenders .