The state security abducts him, the police refuses to file a report, the prosecution deprives him of his right to make a phone call

Islam al-Refaei, a new prisoner of opinion in a fabricated case

Cairo: 21 November, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that a new crime in the attacks on freedoms and the fabrication of malicious cases in Egypt took place a few days ago. whose victim was the sarcastic liberal blogger and e-marketing director Islam al-Refaei, who was kidnapped on Thursday evening, November 16, in front of al-Horreya Cafe in downtown Cairo.

Islam al-Refaei, known on social networks as 5orm, was lured by some people in plainclothes on Thursday evening – who were later identified as security agents – to a meeting for allegedly designing a website, he later disappeared and his mobile phone was switched off.

When his friends and family went to the Abdeen police station to report him missing, according to advice from his lawyers at ANHRI on Saturday, police officers kept avoiding and postponing, while at the same time Islam was brought before the State Security Prosecution, accused of joining an unlawful group, and got 15 days imprisonment pending investigations, in disregard to Islam’s constitutional right according to Article 54 of the Constitution, which requires enabling him to make a phone call to his family or his lawyers.

ANHRI said “We know that there is a serious mistake and a clear fabrication behind the arrest of Islam al-Refaei, but when will it be made right? How long does he have to spend behind prison walls before he gets his freedom back? A young man like Islam, known to thousands as a liberal, his Twitter or Facebook accounts shows that he cannot be accused of belonging to a political or a religious group. Enough playing with the freedoms of citizens and destroying the future of young people.”

ANHRI wonders who is responsible, and when will the legal and judicial personnel be held accountable for the serious atrocities against Islam and the other detainees who are illegally detained, even if the detention was later covered by an unreliable fragile legal or judicial cover.

ANHRI confirms that the immediate release of Islam al-Refaei is not enough, he must be compensated for enduring such a crime, and all those involved in the crime of violating the law and the Constitution, and the infringement on the freedoms of citizens arbitrarily must be held accountable.