17 May, 2018

Security forces’ interference obliges the Syndicate Committee for the Workers in the Clubs of Suez Canal Authority to withdraw from the elections

Cairo, 17 May 2018
The Freedom of Expression for Workers and Social Movements Program of The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information called on the Ministry of Manpower to investigate the complaint of members of the Syndicate committee of the Suez Canal Authority clubs from the administrative interventions through employees working in the ministry and some administrative bodies related to the syndicate elections to prevent the candidacy of the union activist Karam Abdel Halim.
The members of the Syndicate committee of the clubs of the Suez Canal Authority have announced early this morning, on the committee’s page on the social networking website “Facebook” their withdrawal from the electoral process and stating that they are not to run themselves, in protest against the interference in the affairs of their union, and expressing their lack of confidence In the administrative bodies related to the electoral process.
The members of the committee said they were surprised by the obstinacy of the administrative body and some government agencies with the unionist Karam Abdel Halim to prevent him from completing the required nomination papers in a clear reference to their rejection of his candidacy for the post of chairman of the union committee.
Members of the syndicate committee appealed to the President of the Republic, the Minister of Manpower and the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority to intervene urgently to stop these violations of their rights and to take the necessary measures to ensure the impartiality and transparency of the electoral process and to take measures to protect them and ensure the safety of all those who intend to run for the seats of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Syndicate Committee.

It is worth mentioning that the process of reconciliation and Syndicate and professional elections at all levels of syndicate organization are carried out in accordance with Law No. 213 of 2017 and its bylaws issued on March 14, 2018, by Decree of the Minister of Manpower No. 35 of 2018. The reconciliation phase was marred a number of violations to put administrative obstacles before the independent syndicate committees to adjust their situation, such as the Ministry’s refusal to receive the required papers despite their completion in accordance with the law and the bylaws, which prompted several committees, including the General Syndicate of Real Estate Taxation Workers and the Syndicate Committee of the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University to send the required documents by hand.

The Program of Freedom of Expression for Workers and Social Movements of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said: “We follow the process of reconciliation and syndicate elections closely, and after administrative interventions in the reconciliation, the complaint of the members of the syndicate committee of the Suez Canal Authority clubs of administrative interventions comes as the first case documenting the administrative intervention in the stage of candidacy after Less than 48 hours from opening the door to run. ”

“Freedom of opinion and expression and the right to organize peacefully contribute to the formation of public opinion on a democratic basis and give the state authorities the opportunity to identify and interact with public opinion. We therefore call on the Egyptian authorities to stop violating the right of workers to freely choose their representatives, and give the chance to everybody to enjoy freedom of expression.” the program added.

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