Oman: Saleh Al-Azri, Ali Al-Mokbali & Talib Al-Saeedi Arrested & Taken to Unknown Location

Cairo: 5 August, 2015

Oman_04_08_156 Today, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) expressed its condemnation of Omani security forces’ arrest of three human rights defenders. They are Saleh Al-Azri, Ali Al-Mokbali & Talib Al-Saeedi. Moreover, they have been brought to an unknown place.

The security bodies summoned Dr. Saleh Al-Azri, Ali Al-Mokbali and Talib Al-Saeedi on Sunday morning, August 2, for investigation before the Internal Security Service in Muscat. Such a matter was refused by Dr. Saleh Al-Azri, whereas he was officially summoned in accordance with Article 24 of the Constitution that was drafted by Sultan Qaboos himself.

The Special Forces stormed the houses of the three human rights defenders at 9:00 Pm, arrested them, and brought them to an unknown place.  Furthermore, the authorities prevented them from calling their relatives or lawyers; giving no reasons for their arrest.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Saleh Al-Azri is and online activist, and he works as a doctor in the ministry of health. He has written a lot about the corruption in Oman’s health system. He was arrested in 2013, from 14 to 19 April.

As for Ali Al- Mokbali, he is a human right defender and a social networking website user. He is well-known for defending prisoners of opinion, and disclosing corruption. He was arrested in 2011 and 2012 apropos of his activism.

Talib Al-Saeedi, remarkably, monitors and documents cases of arrest and detention of activists by the Internal Security Service. On the 23rd of March, 2015, he was arrested, but he was released on April 13, 2015. He was rearrested on the 13th of July, and interrogated over his call for a peaceful march to show solidarity with Palestinian people.

“Omani authorities have made us take a truce and then surprise us with a widespread arrests campaign, as if it levels the land prior to the calls for political and human rights reforms start,” said ANHRI.

ANHRI urges Omani authorities to urgently release the three human rights defenders, Saleh Al-Azri, Ali Al-Mokbali & Talib Al-Saeedi, and to abide by the charters and conventions on the protection of human rights defenders.

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