3 March, 2015

“Obscure & Stalled” New Report by ANHRI Monitors the State of Democratic Path in Egypt during 2014

 Cairo: 3 March, 2015

BOOK The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, released a new report entitled “Obscure & Stalled- the Democratic Path in Egypt 2014”, which tackles the state of democracy in Egypt during 2014 by monitoring and documenting.

The report aims to answer the question of is Egypt moving towards democracy or falling to the back, through monitoring and documenting the incidents concerning democracy, whether negative or positive, and the violations committed against the freedom of expression. Furthermore, it widely discusses the influential factors on its movement.

 This report came to culminate in the efforts of “Lawyers for Democracy” Network. It is an initiative launched by ANHRI in 2014 that includes a group of lawyers across several governorates and cities of Egypt, aiming to monitoring the different events, cases and incidents such as protests, trials, acts of violence, strikes and official and nonofficial practices that influenced the democratic path in Egypt.

The 75-page report, using a scientific study whether quantitatively or qualitatively, and illustrating facts by charts, includes main four chapters the first chapter is about the protest events and their organizing entities, while the second one tackles the documentation of trials throughout 2014. The third chapter tackles, by study, the democratic procedures and the anti-democratic procedures. Finally, the fourth chapter documents the state of the freedom of expression in Egypt during 2014.

 The violent security addressing by the Egyptian authorities, the report elaborates, in the face of protests and under the slogan of “war on terrorism” over and above passing the (notorious) Protest Law came as a pretext to assault those protests and to arrest their participants. Such a matter led to declining the number of peaceful protests, but it couldn’t completely suspend them. Apparently, the year 2014 witnessed more than 1515 protests events.

 Moreover, the report refers to the procedures taken by the Egyptian authorities during the period followed the changing incidents of July 3, which put Muslim Brotherhood Group and National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy (NASL) in the forefront of the powers organized demonstrations in the Egyptian street.

On the other hand, 174 trials concerning the public affair and against the different powers and political actors have been monitored. During these trials, 94 judicial rulings were issued, while 80 trials are still circulating in the courts.

  The report estimates the number of journalists languished behind the bar, which their number reached 63 Egyptian journalists, whether by pre-trial detention decisions or different judicial rulings. The team of “Lawyers for Democracy” monitored 98 different violations against the press freedom and media freedom as well as the creativity freedom.

This report is the outcome of ongoing efforts lasted for one year by a number of lawyers were selected from some Egyptian governorates to monitor and document the state of democracy in the field and legally, distancing itself from any political biases, and they provided legal support to those who deserve,” ANHRI says.

 ANHRI will start to distribute the printed copies of the report. Also, it will be published on ANHRI’s website in Arabic and English. Journalists and media-figures can get copes from ANHRI’s headquarters.

  To read and download the report, click the following link:

“Obscure & Stalled”pdf

“Obscure & Stalled”word

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