Morocco: ANHRI Condemns Attacks on the Teacher Trainees’ Marches

10 January, 2016
Cairo: 10 January, 2015

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, expressed strong condemnation of the Moroccan police forces’ violation of the right to peaceful protesting by the brutal attack on the young teacher trainees’ who protested in a number of Moroccan cities against a decree by the prime minister on the 7th of January; leading to the injury of dozens seriously and they were taken to different hospitals.
On Thursday January 7, the Moroccan security forces brutally assaulted the trainees to their heads by kicking and through using batons in order to break up peaceful protests in Agadir, Marrakesh, Fes and Casablanca. The National Coordination of the Teacher Trainees has called for these demonstrations in order to call for revoking the two decrees issued by the prime minister; the first decree is that the training doesn’t license the trainees to join the teaching occupation, while the second one halves teachers’ scholarships.

This brutal assault on the protesters has led scores of cases suffer from blackouts, injuries to the head, fractures in the neck, and cuts in different parts of bodies.

The marches were coincidently set in a number of Moroccan areas in the framework of the program that was set by the National Coordination to protest against the two decrees. Also, the training centers of the teacher trainees  have been paralyzed  since more than two months due to inclusive boycott of Theoretical and practical lessons.  “Tomorrow’s Teachers” has bore the government the results of this situation; confirming that their ongoing protests will lead to revoking the two decrees. Meanwhile, the government is insisted on enforcing them.

“The attack on the protesting teacher trainees is a brutal assault on the right to freedom of expression that is guaranteed in all the international charters and conventions. Also, it is a violation of the right to peaceful protests, and attempt to impose decrees and laws that affect the citizens’ lives forcibly and violently, which are completely outdated methods,” ANHRI said.

ANHRI calls on the Moroccan authorities to open a rapid and transparent investigation in order to disclose those who are responsible for the brutal attack on the peaceful protesters and dispersing their marches by force. Also, ANHRI calls on the authorities in Morocco to respond to the teacher trainees and to have dialogue with them to reach solutions that are suitable to their demands.

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