28 December, 2014

Mauritania: Unfair Sentence on a Mauritanian Writer over Apostacy Charges

Cairo: 28 December, 2014

moroThe Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said that the death sentence issued against Mauritanian writer “Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mohamed” against the backdrop of accusing him of apostacy is harsh and hasty due to the false interpretation of his article “Religion, Religiosity and Tearchers” that was published 11 months ago.

The Mauritanian judiciary in Nouadhibou sentenced “Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mohamed” to death on account of an article that was deemed profane one year ago. Although the writer has set out, in another article, the reasons behind that article in order to clear up any misunderstanding; asserting the non-existence of any intent to affront the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the court gave no attention to his article and sentenced him.

This death sentence is the first since the independence of the country in 1960. Noteworthy, “Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mohamed”, who has been detained since 2 January 2014, denied the accusations pressed against him last Tuesday, during his trial.

This unfair sentence is a ramification of the fears of the critical approach by any writer to address some historical facts by critical thinking. Regardless of agreeing or disagreeing, the death sentence shouldn’t have been issued against whoever strives hard and rather the apostacy sentence should be rejected, particalualry the writer has clarified that he didn’t affront the Prophet Muhammed” ANHRI said.

ANHRI calls on the Mauritanian authorities to quash the sentence on “Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mohamed” and to stop the campaign of doubting, attacking and inspecting the writers’ consciences.

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