A Manual on Investigations and Prisons “Make Yourself at Prison” in a video series by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Cairo: September 11, 2017
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) released today a series of videos to illustrate “Make Yourself at Prison” manual on legally dealing with arrest, investigation and detention in police stations or prisons. This manual was published by ANHRI in May 2017 http://anhri.net/make-yourself-at-prison-summary/?lang=en
Today we release the first episode in a series of legal videos “Arrest and Detention”, providing advice and explanation on the rights of citizens who are subject to arrest and detention whether on the street or at home.
This video will be followed by three other videos (“Your rights during the prosecution investigation”, “Your detention in a police station”, and finally “On the prison and advice about the time you spend there and your needs”).
ANHRI has taken into account that the videos are simplified, short, informative and concise to have an impact on raising the citizens’ awareness of their rights and how they should behave.
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