“Lawyers for Democracy” releases its monthly report on the democratic path (March 2017)

12 April, 2017

Cairo:12  April, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) announced today the release of the third report in 2017 of “Lawyers for Democracy” initiative, which monitors the situation of the democratic path in Egypt during March.

The report monitored the continued predicament in the path of democracy in Egypt in conjunction with the ongoing targeting of human rights defenders and the attacks against freedom of expression and media freedoms.

The report has documented in March:

– Court declares Mubarak innocent from the charge of killing demonstrators during January 25 Revolution, among four other rulings of acquittal into public issue cases that took place in March.

– 12 convictions, toppled by the suspended prison sentence against the Journalists Syndicate leaders

– 90 different protest events

– 6 military trials against 119 civilians

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said: “The forced displacement incident faced by Copts in late March demonstrators the inability of the exceptional measures being carried out by the authorities in Sinai to stop terrorism and provide protection for minorities.”

ANHRI added, “Acquitting Mubarak of ordering the killing of protesters in January Revolution at time the former journalists’ syndicate head and leading members have been convicted is a shocking matter, which raises several questions about the ability of the justice system in Egypt to work neutrally and halt impunity and the double standard policy in the country.”

To view the full Democratic Path Report in March:


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