“Lawyers for Democracy” releases its monthly report on the democratic path (Jan 2017)

20 February, 2017

 Cairo 20 February, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information announced today the release of the first report in 2017 of “Lawyers for Democracy” initiative, which monitors the situation of the democratic path in Egypt during January.

A few days ago, ANHRI released the initiative’s annual report, which monitors the situation of the democratic path throughout 2016: “Closed Until Further Notice”, which documented the ongoing shrinking of the public sphere and the absence of taking any positive steps to go forward in the democratic path.

The report is available on the following link:    http://anhri.net/?p=182419

 The report has documented in January:

  • Freezing the assets of HRDs and banning Negad el-Borai from traveling
  • 133 protest events.
  • 4 military trials of 52 civilians.
  • 44 ongoing trials related to public affairs and 10 rulings of conviction.
  • 3 death sentences against 39 defendants.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said: “2017 began like 2016 has ended; with the ongoing targeting of freedoms, the crackdown on freedom of expression in general, the continuation in delivering mass death sentences, military trials for civilians, and the absence of any indicators of a will to improve the democratic climate in Egypt.”                                                                                        

To view the full Democratic Path Report in January:

The Democratic Path in Egypt During January 2017

To view previous democratic path reports:

Click here to go to “Reports” section on ANHRI’s website


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