“Lawyers for Democracy” releases its monthly report on monitoring the democratic path during August 2017)

 Cairo: 13 September, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today released the 8th report in 2017 of “Lawyers for Democracy” initiative, which monitors the democratic path during August.

The report documented the extensive expansion by the Egyptian authorities in blocking websites and targeting the websites of human rights organizations, the continued trial of civilians before military courts, and the continuation of investigations in the case of civil society organizations

The report documented the following:

  • 36 violations against media freedoms and freedom of expression
  • 2 death sentences against 16 defendants
  • 90 ongoing trials reviewed by the Egyptian judiciary throughout the month.
  • 37 Protest events.
  • 18 military trials for 1056 civilians.

ANHRI said: “The state of the democratic process is going from bad to worse, the expansion of blocking websites has spread to the websites of human rights organizations and public affairs blogs, which shows the political will towards significantly shutting down the public space totally.”

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