“Lawyers for Democracy” issues its monthly report to monitor the democratic path (November 2017)

 Cairo – December, 2017

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information – ANHRI, announced today the release of the 11th monthly Democratic Path report in 2017, which monitors the democratic path during November, within the framework of Lawyers for Democracy initiative.

During November it was noted there was an increase in the crackdown against potential presidential candidates, ongoing restrictions on freedom of expression, crackdown against human rights defenders, military trials for civilians and mass death sentences.

The report observed during November:


  • Death sentences against 38 defendants
  • 48 civilians faced military trials.
  • 36 protest events.
  • 19 violations against media freedoms.
  • 437 civilians killed because of terrorist attacks.


ANHRI said: The phenomenon of crackdown against anyone who publicly dared to reveal his intentions to run for the upcoming presidential elections, which is scheduled for mid-2018, is the most striking and influential phenomenon observed in the democratic path in November, as it shows the extent of the inability of the authorities to accept any political competition, even from those who were its former allies”.

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The Democratic Path in Egypt During November 2017

The Democratic Path in Egypt During November 2017

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