Jordan| ANHRI denounces the blocking of “All Jordan” news website

 Cairo 15 January, 2016

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounced the blocking of “All Jordan” news website by the Jordanian authorities on Friday, January 13, after the website published a story about the arrest of retired Maj. Gen. Mohammed Otoum.

 The news website published a statement yesterday declaring that the website was being hacked since the Friday, January 13, 2017 morning. At first the attack targeted the article about the arrest of retired Major General Mohammed Otoum, then when the article was published again, the site began to disappear from the web inside Jordan, while it was online outside Jordan.

 The statement stressed that the fact that the website is available outside Jordan means that it is not an act of sabotage, but it is intended to block the website inside Jordan, without a judiciary order.

 It is worth mentioning that “All Jordan” had published a news story about the arrest of retired Major General Mohammed Otoum by the security forces, on the evening of Thursday, January 13, after he appeared before the security services, after he was summoned by a telephone call.

 Major General Otoum is a political activist, co-founder and spokesman of Retired Military Officials, he is also one of the most fervent advocates of returning to the Constitution of 1952, and one of the advocates of holding the corrupted officials accountable and putting an end to the squandering of public money.

 ANHRI said “We are against the hacking and blocking of websites, it is an authoritarian approach to crack down on press freedom and the exchange of information, we hold the Jordanian authorities responsible for blocking “All Jordan” news website, and we believe that this move came in the framework of the ongoing suppression of freedom expression, and the violation of the public’s right to know and to express an opinion by the authorities.”

 ANHRI demands the Jordanian authorities to unblock “All Jordan” news website, and to put an end to the ban and repression policy which became futile in the age of communications and exchange of information revolution.