Investigation, suspension of work and denial of incentives: These are the gifts of Bisco Misr’s management for its workers in Ramadan

Cairo, May 16th 2018
The Freedom of Expression for Labor and Social Movements Program condemned the arbitrary measures taken by the management of Bisco Misr against employees of the company’s branch in Alexandria based on their strike and sit-in on April 22nd.
The company’s management deprived around 46 workers of the incentive, and referred 12 to investigation on May 14th-15th, where they were interrogated about their role in the protests and eventually the investigations ended by their suspension.

The company has manipulated the workers’ emotions, as the company’s management in Alexandria announced in a statement on the bulletin board the withdrawal of all communiques against the workers, and that all employees would be given a bonus for the year 2018, estimated at L.E.1000 per worker, which was considered by the workers as a gesture by the management to resolve the crisis, but they were ambushed by the recent arbitrary measures.

It is noteworthy that about 5500 workers at both the branch of the company’s factories in Amieria in Cairo, and the branch of the company in Alexandria, have entered a strike from work and a sit in the headquarters of the companies in protest against the Board of Directors decision not to pay their annual profits for the year 2017, and Ramadan bonus (Ramadan bag), claiming there were losses in the company.

The managing director of the US Company Kellogg’s that had bought the Bisco Misr Company has decided to close the headquarters to end the workers ‘gathering in front of it. He also called a police force to deal with it, but the police refused to intervene because the workers’ gathering was peaceful and there was no sabotage.
The employees of the Alexandria branch have filed a report in the Labor Bureau in Alexandria, against the managing director of the company, “Ahmed Al-Baqri.” The workers confirmed in the report that the general assembly of the company did not convene to confirm the decision of the managing director, and stressed on the absence of any support for the company’s alleged losses.

The Freedom of Expression for Labor and Social Movements Program at ANHRI stated:

“The company’s management confirms, with such procedures, its intention to terminate the workers who protested against injustice and deprive them of their right to profit. On April 23rd, the workers were surprised by a publication issued to the management of the company vaguely stating that all workers would be given a paid vacation for ten consecutive days, which the workers considered to be a trap or a trick in preparation for their termination.
Today, 46 workers were denied their incentives, some workers are being investigated about their role in the protests and we believe that this investigation comes as a prelude to presenting them to the court for dismissal.”
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) called on the management of Bisco Misr to stop the arbitrary measures against the workers, in terms of depriving about 46 workers of their incentive, and investigating with 12 workers about their role in the protests and their suspension from work.

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