Imprisonment renewal of “Alexandria’s Four Brave” activists postponed to tomorrow

16 May, 2017

Cairo: 16 May, 2017

1st Al-Raml Prosecution will be reviewing tomorrow the imprisonment renewal order against the four Alexandrian activists (Ahmed Ibrahim, Al-Shazly Hussein, Islam Al-Hadry, and Nael Hassan) over the case publicly known as “Alexandria Brave”, in which they are accused of joining a terrorist group, preventing state institutions from carrying out their duty, attempting to topple the state and overthrow the regime.

The police, remarkably, arrested Nael Hassan on Friday dawn the 21st of last April. After interrogating him in the fabricated record prepared by the National Security Service, the Prosecution decided to imprison him, and ordered his imprisonment renewal on the 3rd of this May. Two days later, on May 5, the police arrested Ahmed Ibrahim, Al-Shazly Hussein, and Islam Al-Hadry. Afterwards, the Prosecution added them to the same case and ordered their imprisonment after being investigated over the same record of Nael.

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