Imprisonment of Mahmoud Al-Sakka and Amr Badr Renewed for 15 Days

10 August, 2016

South Banha Prosecution, convened at Shubra Al-Khema Court, decided to extend the detention of the Journalists Syndicate member and “Bawabet Yanayer” (January Gate) editor-in-chief Amr Badr along with Mahmoud al-Sakka, journalist in the same news portal, for 15 days pending investigations over the case No. 4016/2016 (Administrative/ Shubra al-Khema).

The public prosecution, noticeably, pressed against the two journalists charges of; attempting to overthrow the regime, changing the state’s constitution, regime, and government’s structure, joining one of the associations, bodies and organizations that aim at disrupting the constitution and law’s provisions, preventing state institutions and its public authorities from carrying out their duties, harming national unity and social peace, and inciting to the purposes aforementioned by saying or writing, through one of the ways of printing and distribution, as well as disseminating false news, data, and rumors that may disturb public security and peace.

It’s worth mentioning that the security forces arrested the two journalists from inside the Press Syndicate’s building after storming it earlier last May.

Amr Mohamed, a lawyer at ANHRI, attended the hearing to provide legal support.

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