The Government Has to Announce the Truth behind “Dengue Fever”,  Not to Jail Who calls for Confronting it  

Cairo: 11 October 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) decried the detention of Mustafa Al-Sabaq and Hasan Gaber, two young men from Al-Qoseir city, because they asked the government to confront the appearance of “Dengue Fever” in their city, at Red Sea Governorate.

Some disseminated news revealed that “Dengue Fever” disease appeared in Al-Qoseir last September. Its symptoms, like “breakbone”; “extreme leanness”; “above eyes headache”; and “rise in body temperature”,   appeared on a number of families.

Since the State has not announced taking any official action to the disease, a number of youngsters in Al-Qoseir, Al-Sabaq and Gaber were on top of them, talked to the newspapers and media outlets; calling for the necessity of dealing with this disease, as there are some rumors that the disease spreading is “Malaria”, or another virus.

Thanks to those youngsters’ alert,  Red Sea Health Affairs Directorate, on October 5, declared the emergency state in hospitals, health units and clinics, and took precautionary measures to confront the spread of Dengue Fever. However, that action was coincided with the arrest of Al-Sabaq and Gaber by the security services in Red Sea Governorates last Saturday, October 7. Hurghada Prosecution, yesterday Tuesday, accused them of spreading rumors and false news to provoke discontent against the State’s executive forces. It also renewed their detention for 15 days.

“Al-Qoseir city’s activists, who directed the Ministry of Health’s attention to the epidemic, deserve praise and appreciation, rather than their arrest.  Also, the Constitution stipulates that the authorities should transparently provide information and data to the citizens,” ANHRI said.

ANHRI demands the urgent release of Mustafa Al-Sabaq and Hasan Gaber, and to stop the ongoing security campaign against prisoners of opinion.