Ghazy Sami trial postponed to Wednesday

15 May, 2017

Cairo: 15 May, 2017

Al-Sadat Center Misdemeanor Court, during its hearing convened today, reviewed the first trial hearing of citizen/ Ghazy Sami Ghazy, aka “Ghazy Habiba”, who had been brought to trial by the Public Prosecution on charges of spreading false news and insulting the President of the Republic, against the backdrop of publishing poems on his “Facebook” personal account. The court decide to adjourn the case to the hearing of Wednesday May 17, for digital jurisdiction.

Last March, Ghazy was arrested by the police upon an arrest warrant from the Prosecution pending record no. 4091 of 2017 (Sadat Misdemeanor), in which the National Security accused him of: creating a page to promote false information, propagate rumors, disturbing public security, and incite against the regime with the aim of stirring the public opinion, exploiting the current economic and social crises, as mentioned in the record. The Prosecution then ordered Ghazy’s imprisonment after leveling against him the following charges: joining the Muslim Brotherhood group at the purpose of disrupting the constitution and law, preventing state institutions from carrying out their duty, promoting the purposes aforementioned through recording a number of video footages/ clips which are deemed “offensive to state institutions”, attempting to overthrow the regime, possessing recordings that incite for the above-mentioned purposes and were being used to record these clips, spreading and publishing false information and rumors that would harm the national security, possessing video footages include false news and rumors, in addition to insulting the President of the Republic. His imprisonment has been renewed until the Prosecution referred him to the misdemeanor court on charges of spreading false news and insulting the President, after excluding the remaining charges.

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