Gamal Sorour a new victim of prolonged pre-trial detention and medical negligence The Egyptian authorities must release the Nubian citizens immediately

Cairo: November 5, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned today the continued use of prolonged pre-trial detention as a punishment against those demanding democracy and respect for the law, as wel as the medical negligence which is responsible for the loss of lives of innocent people, the latest of whom is Nubian citizen “Mohammed Saleh Sorour” AKA Gamal Sorour, who died on Saturday at the Shalal security camp in Aswan, due to delayed medical treatment after he suffered from a diabetic coma.

The deceased, Gamal Sorour, is one of 25 Egyptian citizens detained in the Central Security Camp in the Shalal area in Aswan, following a fabricated interrogations minutes by officer “Mohammed Hamed Abdul Hamid.” Although the minutes included many mistakes and false allegations, the public prosecution decided to imprison Gamal Sorour and his colleagues since September 4, 2017, after they got arrested on September 3, and kept renewing their imprisonment since then, despite the lawyers clarified and proved that the incident was false and the minutes of investigations was fabricated, their last imprisonment renewal was on Monday, October 30, 2017 for 15 days.

The victim, Gamal Sorour, was arrested randomly while standing among others during the previous feast of the lamb celebrations, singing Nubian songs with tambourines. The money in his possession was seized, and officer “Mohammed Hamed” claimed that it was to finance the protest, while Gamal Sorour proved that he is the owner of a tourism agency in Paris, and that he came to Aswan to celebrate the feast with his family, and therefore it makes sense to have money to spend on his vacation.

Although Gamal Sorour is 58 years old and he is diabetic, none of this was taken into account by the police and the public prosecution, as his detention at the Central Security Camp continued, and when he suffered from a diabetic coma, according to his lawyers, his transfer to the hospital was delayed for several hours, during which time he died, becoming the latest victim of prolonged pre-trial detention, which has become some sort of punishment and political abuse against critics, rather than a precautionary measure that should only be applied in limited circumstances.

ANHRI said: “The death of Gamal Sorour in pre-trial detention and the delay in providing treatment to him is a crime, which the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor are to answer for, and the one who is primarily responsible for a political regime that violates the rights of its citizens, the president himself. There should be no silence towards the widespread phenomenon of impunity.”

ANHRI called for the immediate release of the unjustly imprisoned Nubian citizens, as well as of all those held in remand exceeding the period of pre-trial detention, and also to put an end to the use of prolonged pre-trial detention as a punishment and to reinstate the use of pre-trial detention as a precautionary measure to be applied only in limited circumstances.