From public prosecution investigation, to the military judiciary, to freezing, to allegations of losing the case file, to denial 6 years and 4 presidents of absence of justice in the case of cutting off communications during the January Revolution

22 February, 2017

Cairo 22 February, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that six years have passed since the cut off of communications during the January 25 Revolution. During this period, four presidents took power, none of them has shown an interest in instilling justice and the rule of law. This establishes the abhorrent phenomenon of impunity and the absence of the rule of law or the will to instill justice in Egypt.

Since ANHRI’s lawyers filed the complaint on February 23, 2011, regarding the criminal responsibility of the person who took the decision to cut off communications, which lead to the death of dozens of citizens, as a result of their inability to seek medical aid, after they got injured during the “Friday of Anger” protests, due to the cutting off of communications on that Friday. After the investigations ended, and after some pressure, in August 2011, the complaint became misdemeanor No. 9329 for the year 2011 Kerdasa Misdemeanors, then the military judiciary took over the case file, or it was referred to them through the Assistant Attorney General at the time “Adel al-Saeed,” it carried No. 4 administrative military prosecution for the year 2012, according to the military judiciary. ANHRI sent letters and telegrams to: (President Mohamed Morsi, interim President and judge Adly Mansour, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the General commander of the armed forces, Mr. Muhammad Fa’iq the Chairman of the Military Judicial Commission, and the head of the National Council for Human Rights), urging them to instill justice and to take the frozen cutting off of communications case out of the drawers to no avail.

ANHRI said: “The freezing of the cutting off of communication case, despite its importance, reveals a more serious issue, which is the double standards in justice and the lack of accountability when the accused is a military figure or someone close to the authorities. The fact that six years have gone by on leaving the case buried in the drawers, and honoring the one responsible for misleading justice; Assistant Attorney General Adel al-Saeed by appointing him in an administrative position at the Illicit Gains Authority, clearly shows the enormous imbalance that justice in Egypt is suffering from. However, we will not forget this case and we will not back down from demanding accountability for all those involved in wasting justice in it. ”

It is worth mentioning that the cutting off of communications case lodged by ANHRI criminally accuses the person responsible for making the decision to cut off communications, not to be confused with another civil case to hold Mubarak’s regime responsible for cutting off communications. ANHRI’s case is considered one of the oldest cases related to the bloodshed of the martyrs of the January 25 Revolution, and today marks the passage of over six years since this case began, without achieving justice or holding the culprit accountable.

The following links show the course of the case, the legal appeals to presidents and Egyptian officials during the rule of the SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood, the interim President, and President Sisi, to no avail!

1- The complaint submitted to the Attorney General on February 23, 2011


2- A statement on submitting the complaint, published on February 24, 2011


3- A statement on the beginning of investigations into the complaint, published on March 9, 2011


4- A statement on the complacency and slow pace of the investigation into the complaint, published on April 11, 2011


5- A statement on how Assistant Public Prosecutor Adel al-Saeed misguided ANHRI’s lawyers, paving the road to burying the case: January 30, 2012


6- A letter and a telegram to President Morsi demanding his intervention to put an end to the freezing of the case: November 12, 2012


7- A joint statement by Human Rights organizations demanding President Morsi to stop covering up for the killers: February 23, 2013


8- A statement on the passage of 3 years on the freezing of the case, and writing telegrams to all presidents to no avail, published on January 29, 2014


9- A statement after the UN resolution to consider the Internet as one of Human Rights calling for ending the freezing of the case, published on July 3, 2016




The confession of the military judiciary that the cutting off of communications case is in their possession since February 2012




Press coverage during the rule of former President Mohamed Morsi and his complacency in the cutting off of communications case, and then silence after his ouster!






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