Fehres, a new website by ANHRI that has the first Revolution and Public Affairs cases database From 25 January till now


Cairo: 20 November, 2017

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) launched today a new website, which includes a database and documentation of the cases of public affairs and the Egyptian revolution since January 2011, with a search engine that enables the public to know details about all cases in an accurate way, from the name of the defendant, to the court, the judge, date, ruling, articles of accusation, prosecutors.

The website, which was launched under the name of “Fehres (the Arabic word for Index), of Public Affairs cases https://hrinfo.net/ ” relies on detailed information about each case extracted into a database containing about 4,000 fields, allowing tracking each result or information, such as: The number of cases in which a defendant is facing trial, the articles of accusation, the courts where he/she was sentenced, the judge who issued the verdict and the names of the other defendants, as well as the rulings of each judge or the cases considered by each court and its history, in addition to a strong and accurate search engine that makes it easy to search for any piece of information related to these cases.

ANHRI also created a more simple website, which includes the same cases, but in chronological order, in a list of cases from each year, the type of case and detailed information about it in the form of lists and tables to make it easier to the public concerned with justice and cases. This website carries the same name and it is available through this link http://hrinfo.org/ .

Fehres’ target audience includes: Lawyers, judges, journalists, families of defendants, legal and human rights institutions, as well as those involved in justice and documentation.

ANHRI has taken into consideration the simplicity of design and ease of loading, as well as the clarity of sections with a search engine for each section.

The launching of both websites, whether “Fehres” the database https://hrinfo.net/ or “Fehres” the documentation and lists http://hrinfo.org/ is in both Arabic and English, using the same design, accuracy and content.

The website was launched after the database was built and around 120 cases where added, over the period from 2011 to 2017. It was tested with the help of dozens of volunteers, whose comments and remarks played a major role in the way the website is now. At the same time, we are working on publishing more cases every day, along with receiving feedback and criticism from the concerned and interested public.
ANHRI strongly welcomes the cooperation and support of all human rights organizations, lawyers, judges and prosecutors by filling and submitting forms for the cases that are not available to ANHRI, or by sending their comments and suggestions to further improve and develop the website.

The websites: “Fehres” The Public Affairs Cases Database: https://hrinfo.net/

“Fehres” The list of cases and basic information about them: http://hrinfo.org/