An Eye on Talk Shows Ninth Issue of the First half of November 2017


  • Amr Adib: I am clueless about the renaissance Dam of Ethiopia issue and Egyptian people should start rationing water use
  • Amr Adib: We should give a chance to Khaled Ali and nobody should hinder his way
  • Lamis al Hadidi: Rashid Mohamed Rashid among those who shared in Egyptian renaissance
  • Ahmed Moussa: The State did not pay a penny for the Youth Forum, the Banks paid all expenses
  • Ahmed Moussa’s guest: International media  is under the Bortherhood’s control
  • Art Critic Mohamed Rayan to Ahmed Moussa:  the singer Sherin should be executed for insulting Egypt

This is the ninth issue of “An Eye on Talk Shows” does not cover all what have been broadcast during the first two weeks of November. It monitors  the most prominent aspects of what has been broadcast, as these two weeks were overwhelmed with incidents. During these two weeks the Youth Forum was launched and held in Sharm Al Sheikh for six days, besides the arrest of a big number of Saudi princes for corruption charges and the resignation of Lebanese PM Saad al Hariri after reaching Riyadh. Such incidents uncovered the professional deformities of most of the talk shows anchors, as they abandoned neutrality and professional performance. Presenters of talk shows took sides, attacking the other side which they do not agree with, or in other words, they attacked the party which Saudi Arabia is holding responsible for the crisis in Yemen and Lebanon. Finally, the Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia crisis which emerged at the end of the two weeks.  

Saturday 4th November

  • In his program “Everyday” on the “ON E” channel, Amr Adib followed up the Lebanese crisis after the resignation of Saad al Harriri, attacking Iran and Hezbollah, adopting the Saudi point of view in the crisis. He published a document claiming that it is in Bin Laden’s hand writing, in which he said that Bin Laden is calling for spreading chaos and terrorism worldwide except in Qatar. Adib considered this document to be strong evidence against Qatar and al Jazeera Channel which proves that they support terrorism.

Adib said that Egypt is always at risk and in regards to the crisis passing over the region, Egypt is holding the International Youth Forum to gather thousands of youth and tourists, asserting that the forum is a message assuring that Egypt is a safe place.

During this episode, Adib commented on Khaled Ali’s press conference held Monday 6th of November, in which Ali announced his intention to run for the presidential elections, saying “I hope nobody hinders Khaled Ali’s path, or try to assassinate him morally, through media or social media, we have to give him a full chance”.

– In her program “From the Capital” on “CBC” channel, Lamis al Hadidi followed up the preparations for the International Youth Forum, along with some local and regional news. The return of Rashid Mohamed Rashid, Mubarak’s former minister of industry and trade, worth noting, as Lamis did not hide her happiness because of his return, considering him one of three ministers who shared in “Egyptian renaissance”, saying that the other two were Youssef Botrous Ghali and Mahmoud Mohie al Din.

At this episode, journalist Amira al Adly, who works on the political file in al Ahram newspaper, uncovered a fact that she submitted the news of Khaled Ali’s intention to run for the elections in order to be published, but the newspaper refused to publish it.

Sunday 5th November

On this day, President Abdul Fattah al Sisi inaugurated the International Youth Forum in Sharm al Sheikh, all Egyptian satellite channels aired the event, a number of prominent talk show anchors went there to cover the event, treating it as an international, important, huge event, amplifying and exaggerating its results.

  • Ahmed Moussa aired his program “On my responsibility” on “Sada al Balad” channel”, from Sharm al Sheikh. He hosted a number of young people who took part in the forum, his questions were about exaggerating about the importance of the forum, asserting that the forum hosted opposition voices and not only supporters of the regime. He considered holding such forum clear evidence for Egypt’s safety. He thanked the Egyptian Army for this safety, asserting that other countries like Yemen and Iraq are suffering a lot because they lost their armies.

Young people hosted by Moussa said that international media is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and it broadcasts a wrong image about Egypt and its youth, and this forum succeeded in changing this image.

Concerning the budget of the forum, Moussa said that he asked the head of board of trustees of a giant bank working in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, and the manager of the bank assured him that a group of banks paid all the expenses of the forum. Moussa insists that his private sources said that the state’s general budget did not spend a penny on the forum, saying “the budget has no excess to be paid on such conferences, and the presidential budget did not contribute anything, all the expenses were covered by a group of banks which has provisions that allows them to pay for such activities.”

The forum was held concurrently with another major event, which is the arrest of a group of Saudi princes for corruption charges. Moussa called for staying away from this issue, asserting that Saudi Arabia has all the right to do whatever it takes to fight corruption. The episode also was aired concurrently with Hothis launching a ballistic rocket towards the international airport of King Khaled. Moussa accused Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah of being responsible for what happened saying that Qatar stands behind this rocket, since it did not condemn the incident, which is not true, the Qatari Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the incident on 5th November evening (as the episode was being broadcast).

  • In his program “Everyday” on “ON E” channel, Amr Adib said that those who ask about the budget of the forum are a bunch of “garrulous” people. Adib, contradicted Moussa, said that the state budget has an item for promoting tourism and it can cover such conferences, saying that the main aim of this forum is to promote tourism. Adib attacked those who have objections against the forum asserting that the opposition should mention positive deeds of the regime, as it talks about negative deeds. He talked with infatuation about the forum like other talk show anchors saying that the forum is the gate from which Egypt is entering to the world.

Monday 6th November

– Ahmed Moussa, in his program “on my responsibility” on “Sada al Balad” channel, continued his assertions that the forum’s message was that Egypt is a safe place, saying that the forum succeeded in combating western media claims that Egypt is not ready for tourism. Moussa hosted a number of guests from the forum, among them was Hani Azer and Yahya Rashed, minister of tourism, who said that this forum confirms the progressive thinking of the political leadership, which exceeds the whole world and confirms that Egypt is qualified to play its role worldwide. The minister said that the forum is a promotion better than ads which cost millions, especially since the president attended the forum.

It is strange that Moussa did not attack lawyer Khaled Ali after he announced that he is running for the elections, saying that he supports every citizen to run for the elections, as long as he does not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

– Lamis al Hadidi, in her program “From the Capital” on “CBC” channel, covered the forum focusing on Sisi’s speech about religious fanaticism, Hadidi hailed the president’s speech, saying: “the president confirmed his rejection of fanaticism, emphasizing on turning fanaticism to pride” she added: “Sisi speaks in the language of an Egyptian and Arab leader who is a tolerant Muslim, proud of his religion, but accepts the other”. She also asserted that what he says, although it seems simple, it is deep and very important  “carrying within it the modernization of religious discourse, accepting the other is the main source of fanaticism and terrorism”.

In another part of the episode, Lamis al Hadidi followed up Khaled Ali’s announcement, she called for allowing everybody, who thinks he is capable and have the desire to run for the elections, to do so.

– Amr Adib followed up the forum and showed his admiration for the attitude of the president with the youth during the sessions of the forum.

He called for reconsideration of the NGOs Law, because the situation of Egypt is improving, calling for the parliament to meet and reform some of the law’s provisions.

Concerning Khaled Ali, Adib said that “Khaled is the son of the Egyptian revolution”. Noting that the existence of more than one candidate in the presidential elections serves the Egyptians’ interest better. Adib criticized those who object to Khaled Ali’s decision to run for the elections saying “We have a huge number of bears in Egypt, back off the presidential candidates, let the elections go on” noting that “Khaled was attacked even by his supporters under the pretext of providing legitimacy for the regime”.

Adib called for hosting Khaled and listening to his program, criticizing national newspapers which attacked Khaled after his announcement.

Tuesday 7th November

  • In his program “On my responsibility” Ahmed Moussa said that the threats of Hothis to strike Saudi oil tankers or Saudi or Emerati airports is considered a declaration of war on Egypt, not only on Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Moussa considered it a first class national security, asserting that cutting the hands of Iran and Qatar is the only solution to end the war worldwide. He added that this is the reason why Egypt was keen on arming its forces during the last years, because it read the regional situation well. He added that thanks to the arming of the Egyptian forces, militias are not able to threaten Egypt.

Although the episode was dedicated to the health crisis in Egypt, Moussa gave this issue less space because he expatiated in covering the Saudi issue and the forum follow up.

As for Amr Adib, he hailed the President’s interview with CNBC, especially the announcement of the president concerning amending the article related to the presidential term in the constitution, saying that he will not run for elections for a third term according to the constitution, Adib said: It is likely that the president will not run for the elections for a second time.

Adib compared Sisi with Erdogan who “amended the Turkish constitution to stay for 10 years in power, and nobody objected to that dictator”. Adding “This man who calls himself the Muslims Khalifat, but if Sisi ran for the next elections, that means that he will stay in power for another four years and a half, and after that we will elect a new president”.

Wednesday 8th November

As the president talked, in one of the forums sessions, about the Egyptian woman, Moussa dedicated his episode to talk about the Egyptian woman, it seemed that Moussan know nothing about the Egyptian woman except that she raises her children, so he thanked her for raising children and house work, saying that the man works the whole day and the woman takes care of the house during his absence, without pointing to any of the problems which the Egyptian woman suffers from and which has no relation with her being a housewife.

In another part of the episode Moussa attacked the soccer player Mohamed Abu Treka, asserting that he finances terrorist groups which kill police and army officers.

Moussa dedicated a part of the episode to discuss the situation in Saudi Arabia after Hothis threatened to target Saudi airports, he was clear in choosing his guests and the questions he asked which showed that he is adopting the Saudi point of view, attacking Hothis, Hezbollah, Iran, Qatar and Turkey.

– Amr Adib in his program hailed launching the Abu Dhabi Louvre museum, considering it a great and useful thing to the whole Arab region which needs enlightening and culture.

He also hailed the president’s speech about women, in one of the forum’s sessions, considering that the president talked in respect about the Egyptian woman, noting that Sissi left all sessions and attended the session talking about women that is because he respects women and knows their role.

Adib called for transforming the president’s speech into laws to enforce women and protect them from insult and preserve them from “the suppression of men”, expecting that the government will send such laws soon to the parliament.

Saturday 11th November

  • Moussa turned his compass, which was supportive to a military intervention in case of any threat against Saudi Arabia, to theorize for the risk concerning a military intervention in the Saudi crisis with Hezbollah and Iran. This change came after President Sisi’s statement asserting that he is supportive to a political solution. Moussa warned against a sectarian war in the region, saying “what is happening between Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iran is a subversion between Sunnis and Shiites, and there are some who are trying to exploit it.” confirming that such a war will only benefit Israel, saying that Egypt is the only country that can mediate between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Hezbollah, adding that the whole crisis is targeting Egypt. Regarding the coverage of the International Youth Forum’s sessions, Moussa chose the incident in which one of the guests in the forum, her name is, Noha Abdul Karim, walked away during the session in objection to interrupting her more than once. Moussa said that the incident was set-up and that this young woman did this to insult all of the Egyptian people.


  • Amr Adib in his program “Everyday”, said that the discussion of human rights should be the priority of everybody, noting that defending human right is a sort of self-defense in the first place. This came in the frame of following up a complaint by Bassem Ouda, a former Brotherhood minister of supply, who is imprisoned now, saying that Brotherhood adores being aggrieved, asserting that these claims should not be allowed to spread among young people, because the Muslim Brotherhood are good at playing the oppressed, adding that Bassem Ouda is becoming a “living martyr”, calling on the ministry of interior to issue a statement to respond to all these claims.

Sunday 12th November

On this night, the first interview with the resigned Lebanese PM Saad al Harriri with the anchor Pola Jacobian, was broadcast. As the interview was aired during the time of most Egyptian talk shows, it took their attention  and they commented on it. All of them adopted the Saudi point of view in the crisis. They also attacked Hezbollah and Iran.

In his program, Ahmed Moussa said “Saad is sad for his country, it is obvious in his voice and on his face, maybe that is why he is obliged to stay in al Riyadh, he is afraid to return to his country”. Insisting that Al Harriri junior received a threat that he will meet his father’s fate, who was assassinated in 2005.

  • Amr Adib went with the same analysis of Moussa in his program concerning Al Harriri crisis. He confirmed the Saudi and the Lebanese Future party’s narrative, who said that al Harriri is not detained in Saudi Arabia and he is going to be assassinated if he returns to Lebanon. Adib said: everybody does not want to believe that he is not detained in Saudi Arabia.. even the Lebanese, the only way to convince people that he is not detained is returning to Lebanon and being assassinated.” In order to verify the Saudi narrative, Adib hosted, by phone, the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Ahmed al Qattan, who asserted that Harriri is not under house arrest in Saudi Arabia, Adib gave Qattan full space to attack Iran and defend the Kingdom’s point of view.


  • Lamis al Hadidi also dedicated a big part of her program “From the Capital” on CBC to comment on Saad al Harriri’s interview. She did not get involved in taking sides directly, she left the comment to Moataz Abdul Fattah, professor of political science, in a phone call. Lamis only commented  on the appearance of al Harriri saying he looked exhausted and sad because of the “pressure he was exposed to after resigning from Riyadh not Beirut”.

Monday 13th November

As the crisis of the Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia negotiations started, Amr Adib dedicated a big part of his episode to the water crisis. Instead of discussing the origin of the crisis and the stance of the Egyptian state, he declared that he is clueless about this issue, saying that Egypt cannot do anything with Ethiopia, he started to talk about rationing water use, and the collective mind that does not comprehend water poverty asking:  why doesn’t the the ministers of irrigation and agriculture work on spreading awareness among citizens about water preservation?” he mentioned also searching for other sources for water aside from the Nile river, asserting that the winning trade in the future is going to be the water trade. Adib called for the people to ration water use, criticizing spraying water in the streets, buildings and tourist resorts.

In this episode, General Kamel al Wazir, head of the engineer sector of the armed forces, said that the sector finished the required studies to establish the biggest station for treating sewage and agricultural drainage water worldwide.  The minister added, in a phone call, that no country worldwide works on establishing a treating station with the capacity of 5 million cubic meters per day except Egypt.

He said: we finished the designs, procedures and land dedication by a presidential decree.

In his program, Moussa commented on the failure of the negotiations of the Renaissance Dam saying: it seems that we are going to face a real crisis.

Moussa said that Egypt will not be harmed “Wem as Egypt, will not face a crisis, why am I saying that? Because of what the president said about the water issue being a matter of national security, which means a matter of life or death, neither Ethiopia nor anybody else could deprive us from our water or decrease one liter from our share”

As usual Moussa threw the blame of the Renaissance Dam crisis on the 25th of January revolution, saying that the crisis started with the “beginning of the sabotage” in January 2011.

He added that Ethiopia would have never had the courage to build the dam before this date, noting that “The Muslim Brotherhood gave the chance to Ethiopia to build the dam” and that the former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak held a meeting in the 90s with the national security bodies concerning the Renaissance Dam.

Moussa called for the trial of those who are responsible for the dam’s crisis, by which he means those who took part in the revolution.

Tuesday 14th November

Despite the escalation of the Renaissance Dam crisis, which Moussa considered in his previous episode, a matter of national security, yet, Moussa dedicated an entire one hour and a half of his episode to attack the singer “Sherin”, because she appeared in a video shot at Beirut in a concert, in January, answering a fan who asked her to sing “Did you drink from its Nile”, by saying: “I would rather not, if one drinks from it one might catch Bilharzia (Schistosomiasis or snail fever)”. The one hour and half was dedicated to attacking Sherin openly, saying: Nobody should joke concerning the country, the country is a red line, I do not catch Bilharzia from the Nile because it is the best water we can drink”.

However, a phone call came from Mohamed Rayan, the art critic in al Gomhoria newspaper, he was more aggressive, he said: ‘I will write my article about how much we love Egypt, and those who hate it we will shoot them, someone like this says that if you drink from our Nile you will catch Bilharzia… go to hell, she should be executed”. It is strange that Moussa went on with his episode without apologizing for this direct incitement or the insults directed to Sherin.

Amr Adib talked about Sherin’s crisis as well, but he started his episode criticizing the Egyptian people’s way in dealing with the Dam crisis, describing it as “very strange”. He called for the parliament to question the prime minister, minister of irrigation and minister of agriculture.

He insisted on holding the Egyptian people responsible for the crisis saying: “They do not understand the risks, we should find solutions as soon as possible”.

Noting: “We are dealing with a non cooperative state, and we should find a solution on our own”.

He added that the government, the national security bodies and the competent bodies are doing their job, but the citizen should understand the critical situation we are going through.

In his comment about Sherin’s crisis, Adib said that he received a threat if he defended Sherin, and he did not reveal the source of that threat.

He said that Sherin made a mistake and she apologized, she should be punished but we should not slaughter her. He added: Egypt is bigger than that, we had the Guide of Muslim Brotherhood who said “let Egypt go to hell” and he could not harm Egypt, do not minimize Egypt, it is not an easy entity to collapse once someone insults it, a million people insult Egypt everyday and it still exists and still strong”.

Adib suggested that Sherin should hire someone to teach her how to talk saying: My dear, hiring someone to teach you how to speak is nothing to be ashamed of, no, you should know what are you talking about, you cannot go on making mistakes and apologizing your whole life, even Netanyahu hires someone to teach him how to talk, nobody is too old to learn”.