“Eye on Talk Show Episode 5



This is the fifth episode of “Eye on Talk Show” bulletin,  which aims to shed light on the content of the most prominent TV programs, so as to help the audience to follow them up in a critical way; and keep track of the extent to which their presenters adhere to their role in monitoring the executive branch and not presenting misleading information. This is in addition to their’s complicity in non-professional practices such as incitement to violence or repression, or the violation of law and human rights, as well as presenting a one point of view and excluding the other view that is opposing it.

The newsletter, however, doesn’t monitor all what has been broadcast during this period,  but it provides an extensive content reviewing the most salient drawbacks or positives of TV presenters, while excluding what might be repetitive or not violating the media professional performance.

The common feature among the majority of the talk shows covered by the bulletin during the period from 26 July to 9 August is the continuation of the media attack against Qatar and the flagrant bias toward the stance taken by Saudi Arabia and the allied countries (Egypt- Bahrain- UAE), as anchors continued to use phrases of insult that defame leaders of Qatar and Turkey.

In this period, media shows started to timidly talk about the upcoming presidential elections. Amr Adib, for example, asked about the reasons why until now no one appeared as a rival to the president Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in the elections. Media worker Lamis al-Hadidi also raised the big question which she didn’t manage to answer: where is Habib al-Adly? How can a man who was responsible for implementing the law became a fugitive?


26/ 7

– Ahmed Mosa in his program “On My Responsibility” prepared an episode about the “scandals of the Muslim Brotherhood” where he hosted lawyer Tharwat al-Kharbawi. In this episode, he continued his attack against Tamim, Qatar leader, assaulting his manliness after posting a picture in which he appeared  exposing his chest. He said that “Tamim is assaulted even in his bed”, launching a hashtag #Naked_Tamim, while reading a batch of comments that verbally insult Qatar’s leader.


– In his program “Infrad” (Exclusive) aired on “Al-Asema” TV channel, MP Said Hassassen dedicated that day’s episode to discuss a bill regarding drug trade in Iran hosting one who of its supporters and other opponent. However, the episode turned to a debate about Sunni and Shiite doctrines, which ended up with the presenter expelling one of his guests on air because he criticized the Saudi Arabia’s policies in the region, meanwhile the other guest supporting KSA started to take off his shoes.


After the break, the presenter started to attack and insult the guest who already left the studio calling him “villain”. He also called for lodging a complaint to the Public Prosecutor against the guest and strip him off of his nationality.


– Mohamed al-Baz, while presenting an episode from his program “90 Minutes”, he described Qatar as a terrorist state, asserting that in 2003, Saudi Arabia punished Hamad bin Khalifa prompting him to give up power to Tamim, hinting that “Hamad had stepped down under force”. He also added that Qatar committed several crimes in Libya.


29/ 7

On that day, Ahmed Mosa said that as a result of the hashtag he launched against Tamim in the previous episode from his show “On My Responsibility”, Tamim shot his wife.

He added, “Tamim told his wife: why did you do so leading Ahmed Mosa and his audience make fun of me in this way?”.

He also dedicated part of his episode to attack media worker “Moataz Matar” after Facebook administration had changed the name of his page. He launched a hashtag “Moataz Matar the ..” asking his viewers to complete the sentence of the hashtag. Although he expressed his anger towards a hashtag launched in the same way against President al-sisi, he appeared very happy at this one. He said “Mark knows these people well along with the MB” urging the whole Egyptian media to participate in such battle”, as he called it.


– Mosa praised an investigation opened into the issue of cutting off electricity at one of Cairo airport’s halls, but Lamis-al-Hadidi on the other hand criticized it raising the question pertaining to the whereabouts of Habib al-Adly and why the ruling issued against him hasn’t been implemented yet.


– As for Amr Adib, he said he would tackle the Palestinian issue in his episode. Nonetheless, at the beginning of the episode, he went to speak about the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt, the reasons which delayed other nominees to take part in the elections, and when the first electoral round will kick off. He also criticized Qatar’s stance towards pilgrimage.


30/ 7

– Ahmed Mosa dedicated this episode to make a tour inside Al-Alamein new city, but he started to warn against Qatar plotting terrorist operations during the pilgrimage season. He said that Qatar is the most dangerous country in the face of Saudi Arabia, even more than Iran. He also praised the efforts made by the Interior Ministry and the National Security apparatus after they arrested 500 of terrorist leaders during the past period and the killing of “Hasm” movement’s members.


– As for Amr Adib and his program “Kol Youm” (every day), he addressed the case where former Minister of Supply, Khalid Hanafi, was declared innocent from the charge pertaining to the reports by the administrative control authority. He stressed that there have to be mechanisms to prevent people from accusing state officials upon false allegations. In the same episode, Adin attacked the Qatari media, saying “ I hope Qatari media not to be fool” assuring that countries rejecting terrorism will not enter any dialogues with Qatar until all their previous conditions are met. He then had a phone interview with Saudi ambassador in Egypt, Ahmed Al-Qattan, who considered that the Qatari regime lies to his people.


31/ 7

– At the beginning of his episode of “Kol Youm” program, Amr Adib had a phone interview with Hend Abdel-Sattar, the first girl acquired a ruling convicting the man who harassed her, criticizing the fact that the victim has been turned into a criminal in our society. In the same episode, Adib criticized Qatar’s resorting to ICAO. He made another phone interview with Minister of Aviation Sherif Fathi lashing out Qatar’s insistence to make their pilgrims board Qatari airway or flights, suggesting on it to let them be boarded on Turkish ships while mocking the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


– Moataz Al-Demerdash in his program “90 Minutes” discussed the incident where a full batch of Faulty of Law graduates at Cairo Univesity failed their exams, this is in addition to tackling the issued of cutting off electricity at Cairo Airport.



– In his show “On My Responsibility”, Ahmed Mosa dealt with Ministry of Supply’s crisis. While on air, he felt anger towards the matter directing his words to the Minister of Supply Ali Meselhi saying “You cannot threaten me. You can be there to speak up, but it is unacceptable that your aids speak improperly with us while they are not aware of the problems people suffer in supply Catering cards”.


As unusual, Lamis al-Hadidi announced she will be on her annual vacation, which negates the news that she experiences dissension with the Egyptian regime.


– In the third part of his episode, Amr Adib presented a tweet by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abul-Fotouh, in which he said “Egypt’s president has to be elected in a climate that is filled with freedom and justice, under a media that presents all different and opposing opinions in addition to the equal opportunities for all which would give citizens the opportunity to enjoy high status and make the winner work as a public servant to the people.” Adib commented by saying that he fully understands that these words represent Abul-Fotouh’s conditions for his nomination to the presidential elections, confirming that his program is open for all serious presidential candidates.



– Ahmed Mosa continued his discussion on the crisis faced by the supply ministry, raising the following question “What is your problem with the smart cards?. He received several phone calls from citizens facing problems with regard to this issue. Also in the episode, Mosa attacked Turkey for being “the main supporter of Daash (ISIS)”, saying that Daash has a branch in Turkey, where they live freely without being subject to any attack as it provides safe havens for such terrorist elements.”



– Moataz al-Demerdash, in his program “90 Minutes”, tackled the case of the professor who sexually harassed his student, stressing that we shouldn’t be silent towards this issue. He presented a batch of leaked recordings, noting that hadn’t he adheres to the media code of conduct, he would have presented the rest of leaked records.



In his program “On My Responsibility”, Ahmed Mosa deemed the bill prepared by MP Mohamed Abo Hamed to dismiss Muslim Brotherhood members from their work as a step towards purging state institutions of MB, adding that there are laws that aim to consolidate the pillars of the state.



– Although Mosa attacked the Minister of Supply in the previous episodes (of the 1st and 2nd of August) refusing to speak with any of the ministry’s officials except the supply minister personally, he hosted him in that day’s episode, after saying that the minister had called him clarifying issues about the supply cards.


Furthermore, despite the fact that the presenter had pointed out that the episode will be dedicated as a service episode addressing people’s problems, Mosa continued his attack against the MB group and Qatar. He said, “The MB group prepares for the presidential elections through internal groups and training centers as well as external groups that harm the state and the regime”. He added, “There are a number of public opinion research and training centers that receive money to carry out plots to topple the regime in return for the huge funds they receive, and this is for the aim of echoing the scenario of toppling the state in 2011”.


– In his program “90 Minutes”, Moataz al-Demerdash addressed the issue of harassment, raising the question “Who is responsible for this? And how can we halt the problem?”



– In his program “On My Responsibility”, Ahmed Mosa he gave to that day’s episode a title “Facts on the Qatari crisis released for the first time”, in which he said that Qatar is the first and main supporter for terrorism in the world because it is the havens for terrorist groups.

During the episode, Mosa said that Major General Kamel al-Wazir had met with a number of Al-Warraq residents, and called the President while he were with them to reassure people, which  suppressed the sedition that some tried to ignite in order to harm the state”.