Excessive repression of peaceful demonstrations is still plaguing the lives of peaceful

 Excessive repression of peaceful demonstrations is still plaguing the lives of many peaceful protesters, and arbitrary detention is still increasing the number of illegally imprisoned people.

 attacks carried out by the Syrian security services, and so-called (Chabeeha) against Syrian citizens protesting peacefully, in different Syrian cities and towns, which led to the fall of many victims between them during the past two days. We have documented the following names:
Dead victims
• Mohamed Khair Oulabi (died on 30 8 2011 influenced by an injury during the incident of Rifai mosque on 27 8 2011).
Duma – Damascus countryside:
• The young Yusuf Abdul Aziz Toukhy
Al-Hara, Deraa:
• Child Musa Khider Al-Wadi (on 30 8 2011)
Jabal Az-zawieh, Idleb:
• preacher Ahmed Khaled Khateeb, nicknamed Ahmad Derbaleh (on 1 9 2011).
Kafaromah – Idlib:
• The young Youssef Radwan Barakat, 26 years old
Der Ez-zor:
The young man Mohammed Awad – nicknamed Hajj Warakah – 29 years old (on 31 8 2011).
• Mohammed Aliasawi (on 1 9 2011)
Tal Rifaat – Aleppo:
• Mohammed Ahmed Homd “Abu Al-Omarain” (on 1 9 2011))
• The young man Hamidou Al-Shalish – Abdulrahman Hakemi – Alaa Kalaleeb (on 1 9 2011).
Dael, Deraa:
• the young man Sultan Hani Naasir
Injured Persons:
Alsanamin – Deraa:
Mohammed Amin Abu Hoieh – Adnan Saleh Alheimd – Mohammad Hamood  Alheimd (on 1 9 2011).
Arbitrary arrests:
Moreover, organizations defending human rights in Syria, have received the names of political activists, intellectuals and Syrian nationals who have been arrested:
Salamieh – Hama:
The well known political activist Mr. Rustom Mustafa (Abu Ali), who has been arrested on 31 8 2011).  Mr. Rustom had spent about twenty years as a detainee, and he is one of the leaders who ruled Syria in the late sixties of last century
• political activist Mohi’eddin Hariri, Member of Damascus Declaration, in the governorate of Hama (on 30 8 2011).
Qamhana – Hama:
•  Ruhayeb Ali Alabdarahman – Omar Mohammed Alabdarahman – Alabdarahman Mohammed Abdulrahman – Mohammed Omar Alabdarahman – Ali Abdul Rahman (on 31 8 2011).
Qamishli – Hasaka:
• Osama Mansour Hilali, activist and member of the Kurdish Future Movement (on 31 8 2011).
Ras Al Ain – Hasaka:
• Jamal Wali Sheikh Mohammed, born in Ras al-Walid 20/3/1974- Shirwan Waleed Ahmadan born in Ras al-Ain 8/9/1985
Daraya – Damascus Countryside:
• Yasin Zeiadeh (on 30 8 2011 and the brother of Dr. Radwan Zeiadeh the known Syrian opposition activist).)
Duma – Damascus Countryside:
• Hasan Dalwan – Yasser Dalwan – Adnan Dalwan – Saleh Dalwan – Ahmed Dalwan – Abdullah Dalwan – Yasser Dalwan – Haj Abdul Rauf Dalwan (on 1 9 2011).
Mu’adamiet Al-Cham – Damascus Countryside:
• Bashar Ibrahim, 16 years – Mohamed Mahmoud Jaber, 17 years – Safwan Al-Halaq, 15 years – Mohammad Fayyad Zinedine – Hussein Al-Majzoub – Qasem Bardawil – Mohamed Dabbab – Shadi Salman Damrani – Jamal Adnan Fayyad – Mohammed Jamal Fayad, 19 years – Anas Natouf, 15 years – Ibrahim Natouf, 14 years – Shadi Salman Damrani (on 30 8 2011).
• Mohammed Ahmed Al-Shughri – Mohammed Mustafa Al-Shughri (on 31 8 2011).
• Ziad Haskero (on 31 8 2011)
Salamieh – Hama:
• lawyer Akram Wanous – Abdullah Wanous – Ali Hammoud – Mustafa Da’as – Dr. Mawloud Mahfoud – Nawar Yaghi – Ammar Mohammed Amin – Dr. Waqid Shaheen – Adel Hamad – Ahid Kurdieh – Hayel Said – Abdul Rahman Da’as -Nawras Azzam Qashmar – Ali Nusra, “Abu Ghiath” – Ayham Daaboul – Fayyad Alchihawi – Ali Hassan Zahra – Mustafa Da’as – Mawloud David – Kareem Shaheen – Rifaat Hamsho – Mohamed Da’as – Midyan Shaheen – Waddah Hashem – Ziad Dahhaak – attorney Hassan Murshed – Attorney Ameen Ayash – Ali Najdat Khatib – Ali Al-Dubayat – Muhammad Musa al-Homsi – Hussein Dawood – Rahim Adra – Sami Salloum – Ayham Badour – Ziad Khadija – Sumer Hussein Al- Khaled –
Ahed Majjar – Ismail Yusuf Agha – Muhammad Naseh Zahra – Ali Ahmed Al-Ibrahim – Ahmed Hamdun – Ahmed Ismail – Mustafa Idris Khaddour – Numan Naoofi – Abdul Salam Khallouf – Ali Dib – Tariq Sheikh Khader. –
Yamen Mahmoud – Rami Farha – – Guevara Said – Haitham Hassan – Marwan Adra – Ismail Alsankari – Ali Shamma – Bashar Zidan – Hadi Kaddour – Dr. Ahmed Khansah – Gtefan Jeratli – Lawyer Tammam Al-Feel – Fadi Ibrahim – Zulfikar Hawijah – Tammam Tuhmaz – Maher Kharbit – Mustafa Fawaz Al-Najjar – Mohammed Ghazi Zeno – Ala Nahas – Mohamed El- Fil – Naqid Shaheen – Anas Rustom – Muhammad Daaboul – Hisham Al-Hayek – Allam Zidan – Ahmed Ismail Habeel – Samer Zair (till the date 30 8 2011).
Pharmaceutist Majid Maghout – lawyer Abdul Karim Daoud (on 31 8 2011).
• Ismail Aldahool – Raghid Ismail Aldahool (on 29 8 2011)
Today on 1 9 2011, the well known political dissident Zahra Hassan “Abu Isam” (67 years old) and a former political prisoner, was arrested on charges of belonging to the Communist Labor Party opposition in Syria

. Mr. Zahra was arrested more than once during the past months on charges of organizing the demonstrations, he suffers from asthma, pulmonary emphysema and high blood pressure.
Shihab Shahud “65 years” captured 15 years earlier (on 1 9 2011)
• Mustafa Asaad Alloush – Habib Kasab – Eyad Zahra – Khalid Ibrahim – Ali Mustafa Rustom (on 1 9 2011).
Al-Qaseer – Homs:
• Hassan Marawi (on 28 8 2011) – Khalid Marawi – Adel Marawi (on 26 8 2011).
Al-Hula – Homs:
• Engineer Wael Daher – Amro Mohamed Ali Daher – Amer Qasim Tohme Al-Taybeh Al-Gharbieh on 31 8 2011).)
• Muhannad Saleh Alloush – Khaled Fayez Al-Bakour (Tal Zahab on 31 8 2011).
Sermin – Idlib:
• Mohammed Dib Mudrek – Osama Haj Ali – Ghassan Nema Haj Ali – Mohannad Hani Kadah – Malik Hani Kadah – Mahmoud Hani Kadah – Ma’moun Hani Kadah – Mohamed Diab – Mustafa Hani Kadah – Safwan Haj Hussein (son of Jamal) – Mukhlis Mustafa Hajj Ali – Isa Abdul Latif Ma’ari – Mustafa Mohamed Zain – Mustafa Ziyad Aboud, 14 years – Abbas Mohammed Saeed “missing” – Hamdo Ali Dib – Ahmed Jamil Kaddour (Al-kasi) – Samer Jamil Kaddour (Al-kasi) – Abdul Jalil Abdul Latif Mahloul – Abdul Razak Mohammed Mahloul – Youssef Ibrahim Abboud – Hussein Fateh Al- Yateem – Khalid Sarmini (son of Ahmad) – Shihab Abdul-Aleem Deeb – Walid Sarmini (son of Ahmed) – Mustafa Mohammed Saleh Ausayan – Mohamed Mahmoud Ausayan – Ahmed Subhi Duma – Mohammed Abdo Mudrek – Wharef Mohamed Taleb – Mustafa Ahmed Satifan – Mahmoud Mohamed Kayali – Farid Mohammed Kayali – Abdul-Karim Mohamed Kayali – Ahmad Said Ghazal
Hassan Saeed Ghazal – Deebo Hatem Sheikh Ahmed – Ibrahim Hatem Sheikh Ahmed – Mohamed Ahmed Basmaji – Firas Akkeh – Hossam Mustafa Muteb – Tammam Sheikh Ahmed – Mohammed Zaki Kharouf – Saad Zaki Kharouf – Safwan Sheikh Ahmed – Omar (son of Mahmoud Haj Khalil) – Abdo Ahmed Hajj Khalil – Radwan Ahmad Hajj Khalil, 16 years old – Mahmoud Ibrahim Haj Khalil – Muhammad Abdul-Hamid Haj Khalil – Abdel Aziz Abboud – Ahmed Hussein Haj Khalil, 16 years old – Adnan Ibrahim Diab – Ibrahim Mahmoud Haj Khalil – Abdul Rahman Al-Kayali – Mustafa Ziyad Aboud – Mohamed Basmaji – Qutaiba Ahmed Marri – Youssef Ibrahim Abboud – Safwan Abdo Mudrek (on 29 8 2011).
Jiser Ash’shughour – Idlib:
• Jumaa Al-Hamoud (on 5 7 2011 and his fate is still unknown so far)
Deraa Al-Balad:
• Ahmed Ayham Al- Rasheed Al-Masri – Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Masri (on 31 8 2011).
Alsanamin – Deraa:
• Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Alheimid (born in 1967) – Yousef Fayez Al-Masri (born in 1969) – Milad Muhammad Faiz Shubat (was born in 1985)- Muflih Kasem Kaplan (Born in  1961), (on 31 8 2011).
Naseeb – Deraa:
• Muaaz Yaseen Al-Sharif – Ziad Rifai – Tariq Al Rifai (on 31 8 2011))
Al-Sawara village-Deraa:
• Young Fahd Hussein Shteiwi Al-Hariri (subjected to enforced disappearance since 27 8 2011 and is still unaccounted for so far).
• Mohammed Khalil Turki Al-Khabal Azaaal (on 31 8 2011) – The young man, Amjad Eriksossi (on 27 8 2011).
• Dr. Hummam Sabbagh – Dr. Muawiya Rahal – Okba Rahal – Ahmed Al-Halabi – Aladdin Hazeemeh – Rafat Haj Ali – Tariq Al Roumi – Mohamed Al-Tureh – Dhiya Bazrbashi – Fidaa Al-Masri (on 29 8 2011).
• Shibley Yahya Hanawi – Ghassan Janoud (on 27 8 2011)
Ain Al-Arab – Aleppo:
• On 1 9 2011, a group of Shabeeha( thugs)  had beaten the young Mustafa Mahmoud (son of Mohammed) and kidnapped him to an unknown destination after he was shot, terrorizing a group of young people who had met to demonstrate.
We in the organizations defending human rights in Syria are extending our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims – the dead, with our wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded, we condemn the continued cycle of violence in Syria, whatever the sources of this violence, its forms or justification, which is a blatant violation of the right to life.

We also condemn and strongly denounce the continued arbitrary arrest against the Syrian citizens and express our deep concern over their fate and some of them were named in the context of this statement, We also express our deep concern over the information of the arrest of the wounded from the hospitals and their fate is still unknown and the action of closure of some hospitals and the threatening of the crews.

We demand security services to stop the arbitrary arrests that take place outside the law and the use of severe torture on a large scale, which resulted in the loss of the lives of many of the detainees, which constitutes a flagrant violation of fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Syrian Constitution of 1973 and the obligations of Syria’s international human rights, as well as international law, which protects freedom of expression, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations in 1948 in articles (18-20-21), as well as what came in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in particular those contained in Articles (18) and (19) on the protection of freedom of thought and expression

The right to peaceful assembly is guaranteed and recognized by all international conventions as a sign of universal respect for human rights to express themselves as one of the most important aspect of correct political practices, as set out in Article (163) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as in the Universal Declaration Human Rights in Article (3), and Article (12), that freedom of opinion and expression, protected by general international law and especially the international law of human rights which is obligatory  in international law of human rights, and may not be derogated from or be limited, as they are considered natural rights attach to human beings and shall not be violated, because it a general rule, so the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations requires the accountability of international crimes and leads to trial.

We in the organizations defending human rights in Syria declare our full support for the exercise of all Syrians rights of assembly and peaceful protest to express their legitimate demands and we see that these demands are right and just and on the Syrian government to move quickly to realize them.

We in the organizations defending human rights in Syria, we continue to emphasize the continuity and legitimacy of the demands that we have demanded from the Syrian government, in order to assume its full responsibilities and work to:

1 – an immediate end to the cycle of violence, murder and bloodshed in the Syrians streets, whatever the sources of this violence, whatever its forms and justifications.

2 – Take a decision promptly and effectively to restore the army to natural place by lifting of the siege on cities and towns, let army play the role of neutrality in face of the internal political differences, return army to the barracks to perform its job of protecting the homeland and the people and to warrant the unity of the country.

3 – Lift off the hands of security forces from intervening in the citizens’ daily lives by the bringing to an end the prosecution of citizens, intellectuals and activists, and by allowing human rights organizations to operate effectively.

4 – To construct judicial commission of inquiry, independent and impartial, fair and transparent with the participation of representatives of organizations advocating human rights in Syria, this commission will investigate violent practices and those responsible for the casualties (dead and injured), whether governmental or non-government, and bring them to justice and hold them accountable.

5 – To take necessary and effective measures to ensure the implementation of the right of peaceful assembly practices.

6 – To have all places of detention and arrest of all security agencies under the direct supervision of the judicial scrutiny and to look immediately in the complaints of torture practiced against the detainees and to allow the lawyers to contact their clients in all detention centers

7 – Ending the political arrests and the release all political prisoners and prisoners of opinion and conscience, and all were arrested because of their participation in peaceful gatherings conducted in different Syrian cities, unless he is charged with a recognizably criminal offense and brought to trial promptly meeting the criteria of a fair trial

8 – The immediate disclosure of the fate of missing.

9 – To ensure basic civil rights and human rights in Syria, through activation of the decree which canceled the state of emergency and martial law.

10 – The immediate cessation of all practices of the attack on peaceful demonstrators and innocent citizens, committed by the so-called (the People’s Committees), or (what is known Shabeeha), given that the behavioral of these elements, is outside the law which requires a referral to the judiciary and hold them accountable, and in holding all their supporters and funders of their activities, as responsible in the exercise of violence, and is legally unlicensed.

11 – To stop the Syrian authorities of their practices of oppressive treatment and excessive use of force, which contributed to increasing deterioration of the situation and led to poverty and deepened the crisis of communities, these practice did not contribute to calm the general atmosphere and did not allow to find the right solutions with the participation of the Syrians of different affiliations and aspirations, these desired solutions would be a real guarantees to maintain the unity of the Syrian society and to ensure a secure democratic future for all its citizens equally, without any exception.

Damascus: 3 9 2011

The undersigned organizations:

1 – National Organization for Human Rights in Syria
2 – Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF
3 – The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
4 – Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD).
5 – Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (ALRASED)
6 – Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria

National Organization for Human Rights3 9 2011