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    Legal Support Unit

    Acquittal Of Mounir Saeed Hanna, Accused Of Insulting The President. Egyptians Have The Right To Write Down Their Thoughts Without Security Sneaking On Them

    Cairo 18/7/2009

    ANHRI states that the legal support unit managed to grab an acquittal for the poet teacher Mounir Saeed Hanna who was accused of insulting the president in the appeal session today at Adawa court in Menya. Mounir was sentenced to 3 years of prison and a LE100,000 bail at first instance in an invalid illegal trial with a fabricated accusation of insulting the president.

    Hamdi Al Assiouty, legal support unit counselor , said, " the Egyptian judiciary remains the first defense front of freedom of expression. In our defense we mentioned that the first instance trial was unfair and unpublicized and this is what the court of appeal referred to in its fair verdict.

    People have every write to write memos without security eavesdropping".

    The accused teacher is used to write down his thoughts as poems, one of which was about oppression and inheritance. This poem accidentally fell in the hands of security agents. Consequently, Mounir was immediately prosecuted and illegally put to trial. These were the facts on which ANHRI lawyers built their defense.

    ANHRI considers that this success is a combined effort between human rights NGOs and independent press, where the campaigns of Al Masry Al Youm and Al Dostor papers disclosed the unfair case and revealed the facts to the public in support of freedom of expression and asserting that independent press and human rights NGOs work together for the Egyptian citizen best interest and to defend his right to express.

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