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    The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
    Legal Unit for Freedom of Expression

    Egyptian police attack and kidnap blogger

    Cairo 9th February 2009

    The legal aid unit for the support of the freedom of expression at ANHRI submitted a report to the attorney general demanding an investigation into the arrest of Dia' Eddin Gad by four police officers on 6th February. Officers beat him in front of his house in Kattour, Garbeiyah province before taking him in a police car to an unknown destination.

    The officers were in a car owned by central security before they broke into his house. Dia' Eddin Gad is author of the blog Sawt Ghadib or An Angry Voice http://soutgadeb.blogspot.com. The police did not reveal the reason behind his arrest or where he was being detained.

    Lawyers with ANHRI's legal aid unit for the support of freedom and expression demanded in their report to the attorney general that there should be an immediate investigation into the kidnapping and of the twenty two year old student.

    The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said bloggers have become a major target of the police authorities in Egypt and all these assaults are committed outside the law or under the cloak of the emergency state. ANHRI demands that all defenders of freedom of expression join hands to bring an end to this abominable state of emergency.

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