Daily Roundup

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Two of “Hangout detainees” released

Today, Cairo Criminal Court’s counseling chamber ordered the release of Sarah Mahny and Maha Magdy pending investigations conducted in the case known in media as “Hangout detainees”, in which they were accused of joining “Jerks Union” and calling for protests against price hikes.

Appeal by “Dar al-Salam Metro youth” against their imprisonment renewal rejected

Cairo Criminal Court’s circuit 12 (Criminal) turned down the appeal submitted by “Dar al-Salam Metro youth” against the decision to imprison them for 45 days pending investigations into case. The defendants, noteworthy, were arrested in the second anniversary of the January Revolution while they were at “Dar al-Salam” Metro station.

A website editor imprisoned for running MB- affiliated pages

Sohag’s Gohayna Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of journalist “Abdallah Mohamed Rashad”, an editor at “Al-Bawaba News” website, until referring him to the case. The journalist has been charged with running pages that are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group on the social networking websites for the purpose of attacking the sate, as stated in the Interior Minstry’s statement.

Dar al-Salam Misdemeanor extends detention of suspects of contempt of religion

The appeals judge at Dar al-Salam Misdemeanor Court ordered the imprisonment renewal of two defendants, accused of contempt of religion into case No. 19139 of 2017 (al-Basaten Misdemeanor), for 45 days pending investigations conducted with them.

Trials of 12 defendants into “Abo Qerqas police station incidents” adjourned

The Military Court, convened today in Assuit governorate, decided to postponed the trial of 12 suspects implicated in “Abo Qerqas police station violence incidents, to the first of September 2017, to proceed with the pleading.

Last year, the Military Court sentenced 144 defendants to prison terms ranging from one year to life imprisonment, after being convicted of breaking into “Abo Qerqas” police station.

11 defendants sentenced to 3 years in prison for storming Qena train station

Qena Criminal Court, presided over by Counselor Mustapha Lotfy, sentenced 11 defendants to three years of rigorous imprisonment on charges of forming an assembly and committing acts of sabotage, into the case publicly known as “storming Qena train station”. The court, on the other hand, ordered the acquittal of 17 others involved in the same case.