10 August, 2017

Daily Roundup Egypt: 10 August, 2017

Trial of Mohamed Badie and others over “Bani Suef incidents” case set for adjudication

During today’s hearing, Bani Suef Criminal Court set the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 92 others in the case known in media as “Bani Suef incidents” case, for adjudication at the hearing of 28 September. The defendants are accused of setting fire to “Beba” police center, Real Estate office and the Nuns school, in the aftermath of Rabaa al-Adwayia and Al-Nahda sit-in dispersal.

Military judiciary issues prison sentences and acquittals into “Al-Minya” violence incidents

The Military Court, today, sentenced 12 people to life in prison and carried one defendant a 10-year rigorous prison sentence, on a charge of burning churches and schools in “Minya” province. The court also sentenced 16 defendants to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment, one another to one year in prison, while ordered the acquittal of 5 others, after being accused of Deramous police station. The court also handed down a 5-year prison sentence against three defendants, and on the other hand, declared three others innocent from the charge of setting fire to armour Sheikh Fadel at Bani Mazar Center.

Dakroury” appeals the President’s decision for not appointing him as the head of the State Council

Today, Counselor Yehia Dakroury, first deputy of the current State Council’s head, filed an appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court against the decision issued by the President refraining from appointing him as the head of the State Council despite being the oldest aides to the departing head and being nominated by the council’s general assembly as the sole candidate for the position.

Dar al-Salam Misdemeanor renews imprisonment of poet Khaled Said

The appeals judge at Dar al-Salam and al-Basateen Court ordered, today, the imprisonment renewal of poet Khaled Said for 15 days, after being accused of joining a terrorist group and spreading false news and data.

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