Daily Roundup 15 August, 2017

Supreme Judicial Council orders a gag on news related to trials

Yesterday, Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) issued a decision to ban broadcasting any news related to trial hearings, upon a directive from Mohamed Mansour, head of the Judges Club, in last July to take the necessary measures to impose a gag order on publishing news about court trials.

Al-Waraq islands residents failed to be transferred to the court to review their imprisonment renewal

The appeals judge of the Counseling Chamber, held today at North Giza Court, ordered the imprisonment renewal of Al-Waraq island’s residents, who were arrested in the aftermath of the incidents took place in the island last June, for a week. The postponement was due to the failure to bring the defendants from their jail. It’s worth to mention that this is the fourth time in this month where the defendants are not transferred from their prison to the court.

Al-Minya Criminal adjourns the trial of 20 lawyers for insulting the judiciary

Al-Minya Criminal Court postponed the trial of 20 lawyers, accused of insulting the judicial institution, stirring riots, preventing a court member from performing his duty inside the court, and disrupting the citizens’ interests, to the first day hearing of next January round.

Cairo Criminal adjourns trial of defendants into “ Matrouh ISIS cell” case

Today, Cairo Criminal Court, presided over by Counselor Hassan Farid, postponed the trial of 20 defendants- from Marsa Matrouh governorate- who are accused of joining ISIS (Daash) and participating in the slaughtering of the Egyptian Copts in Libya, to the hearing of 19 August, 2017.

Administrative Judiciary sets first hearing of Yehia Dakroury’s appeal for not being appointed as the State Council’s head

Today, the Administrative Judiciary Court decided to hold the first hearing to review the appeal submitted by Counselor Yehia Dakrour on 24 September. Dakroury, first deputy of the current State Council’s head, filed an appeal against the decision issued by the President refraining from appointing him as the head of the State Council despite being the oldest aides to the departing head and being nominated by the council’s general assembly as the sole candidate for the position.