Moataz Wadnan.. In solitary confinement: A story of a journalist who is charged with obstructing the state and the constitution’s provisions because of an interview: “Speak about me, I am in a grave” (A profile)

His sister: He went on hunger strike 2 weeks ago due to the intransigence practiced against him, and being barred from talking, receiving medical treatment, or having any physical activity..He asked us in his last letter to speak about his […]

Al-Soweifi, Abdelaziz, and Ashri… From the syndicate’s staircase to prison: They defended Jerusalem so they were arrested and charged with “Incitement to hatred”. A profile

8 months of detention the price for defending Jerusalem … Abdelaziz’s wife warns about his health deterioration. Al-Soweifi’s brother launches “Your support strengthens us” hashtag: it gives him joy to know about your support, and that you’re calling for his […]