ANHRI Launches the First Guide in the “Lawyer’s Guide” Series entitled “Fair Trial Standards”

Cairo 31 January, 2018

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) launched this morning the first guide of the “Lawyer’s Guide” series entitled “Fair Trial Standards”

The guide comes in 78 pages of small cut (pocket size) and contains the basic rules and principles of a fair and just trial without which the trial loses its fairness conditions, both in terms of Egyptian laws and international covenants.

The guide is divided into three chapters, which deal with the standards and safeguards that must be met during the investigation process, the standards and guarantees required during the trial, as well as how to monitor trials and how to write trial observation reports.

Chapter I deals with the guarantees of a fair trial during the investigation phase, the guide divides it into guaranteeing the right to freedom as an inherent right, and that the detention of individuals may be carried out only by a reasoned judicial order.

And the right to access information regarding the reasons for detention, the right to a lawyer during investigations, access to the case papers, guaranteeing not to pressure or influence the defendant during an interrogation and other safeguards.

Chapter II deals with the guarantees required during the trial and the guide divides it into guaranteeing being brought before a competent impartial court, guaranteeing that the trial is public, guaranteeing the presumption of innocence of the defendant until proven guilty, no extraction of compulsory confessions, in addition to other safeguards listed in the report.

The third and final chapter includes what is meant by trial observation, the purpose of monitoring and the role of the observer during the trial. The guide ends with how to prepare a trail observation report that is centered around the fairness of the trial.

ANHRI said: “The ‘Fair Trial Standards’ guide is the result of a real need to be reminded of these standards in light of the increase in political trials, the need to monitor the numerous trials in Egyptian courts and to raise the capacity of young lawyers to the standards required for trial justice, and we hope that this guide will be useful for dealing with public affairs cases”.

Today ANHRI will begin distributing the guide which is also available through the following link:

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