1 October, 2012

ANHRI Launches a Hot-line to Report the Violations of the Freedom of Demonstrations, Opinion, Expression and Creativity

Cairo October 1, 2012

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has launches a hot-line no. 01118881009. The number is designated to receive all the reports and complaints related to freedom of expression violations. In addition to any violation that affects the right to demonstrate and/or the freedom of belief, opinion, expression, media and Internet and creativity.

The new hot-line will be available for 24 hours and all the week. Via the hot-line, any one could report any of the violations related to freedoms and rights in respect of ANHRI’s fields of the freedom of expression whether to obtain the legal support from the team of ANHRI, if required, or to observe and document such violations. The hot-line also will answer all of your inquires related to rights’ violations in order to connect him to the appropriate rights institution in case of the said violation related to a violations not in the scope of freedom of expression, whether the violation conducted to the caller or to a fact he knows about.

ANHRI launches this hot-line in the frame of its efforts aiming to support the freedom of opinion, expression and creativity and its related of basic rights of the citizens. In addition the launches of the hot-line comes in conjunction with a very specific historical period of which Egypt is rebuilding its state on basis, in which we hope that guarantee the freedoms and rights banned for a long time would be among them. These rights and freedoms are well deserved for the people who sacrificed by their souls and blood in the revolution. The said goal can only be achieved by the active contribution of the civil society in monitoring, following ups and initiatives related to the democratic reforms, in addition to, providing the legal and information support to the needy in order to guarantee that their rights can’t be violated or their freedoms can’t be confiscated. As ANHRI played an active and fruitful role in this field for long years, therefore, today ANHRI seeks to develop its efforts to cope with the growing need for it.

Hot-line no. 01118881009

Examples of violations covered by the Hot-line:
Freedom of the Press;
Freedom of Creativity “freedom of publications and complaints related to censorship and confiscation”;
Freedom of Internet usage;
Academic rights and students’ rights;
Religious freedoms; and
Freedom of demonstration and the right to peaceful assembly.

Examples to who will benefit from the hot-line services
writers and publishers;
F/Male students;
Bloggers and Internet and Social Networks users;
Minorities; and
Demonstrators, Strikers and protesters.

When the compliant or the reporter can call?
– At any time and all the week.

Who can call?
– Who suffered from any of the previous violations or who knows about any violation suffered by others.

What will ANHRI do after receiving the compliant or the report?
– ANHRI will provide the legal support, contact the appropriate governmental bodies, exposing the violation to the public opinion or all of that. In addition, ANHRI will refer the caller to the appropriate institution in case of the compliant related to a violations not in the scope of ANHRI’s work like “Wrongful termination, beaten, torture, complaint related to health, housing or etc.,”.

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