ANHRI files complaint to the Public Prosecutor calling for investigating into prisoner of conscience Hisham Jafar demanding illegal funds for his release

19 April, 2017

Cairo: 19 April, 2017

Today, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), being appointed to defend prisoner of opinion Hisham Jafar, lodged a complaint to the Public Prosecutor demanding to open an urgent investigation into the incident of Jafar’s wife receiving a phone call from some people, who claimed to be police officers, asking her to pay a sum of money in return for her husband’s release from prison; despite that fact that he is being held in pretrial detention upon a decision from the Public Prosecution. The matter, accordingly, represents an abuse of power and bribery incident, in case those people are affiliated with the police, and a fraud incident in case they are merely citizens, which requires bringing its perpetrators to urgent and fair investigation from the Attorney General.

Dr. Manar Al-Tantawi, journalist Hisham Jafar’s wife, has received several calls on her cell phone from people claiming they are able to circumvent the law for the release of Hisham Jafar, in return for paying 120,000 EGP.They also claimed that Jafar asked them to do so!

Despite refusing the deal in principle; because Hisham Jafar is in pretrial detention on a Public Prosecution order, and regardless of her feeling of injustice towards the case and investigations, the callers’ allegations whether they police personnel or some swindlers, the case is worth interrogation and punishment of those criminals, who exploit the eagerness and passion of victims to extort money from them and play with their pain.

ANHRI included in its complaint the telephone calls numbers and dates in addition to the callers’ names and positions as reported by the communications authority.

The complaint lodged to the Public Prosecutor carries no. 4721 of 2017 (Attorney General petition), dated 19 April 2017.

ANHRI sees that these calls, if proven to be made by the police apparatus, indicate that some of their affiliates are turning to be gangs members who are making money out of the prisoners’ pains and their longing for freedom, and highlight the absence of the state of law. And in case they are mere swindlers, it also shows that fraud has been turned to be practiced over the detainees’ families exploiting their suffering as a way to profiteering. The matter as a whole has become so deteriorating and regressive.

ANHRI said, “The imprisonment of Hisham Jafar is unjust and prolonged. He has become more like a hostage or a forgotten prisoner who is being languished behind bars, a matter which makes it normal for those searching for profiteering to make use of the citizens’ dreams for freedom and justice. This is a shameful matter which cannot be addressed except by opening an urgent and transparent investigation and making Hisham Jafar and all prisoners of conscience regain their freedom and life.”

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