After Declaring Blasphemy Of Hanoun In Algeria And Shooting At Alwatan’s Daily In Saudi , BBC Is Stopped In Somalia ANHRI Is Worried At The Rising Religious Extremism Tone In Arab Countries.

Cairo 12/4/2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed ,today, its deep concern at the recently escalated practices of Islamist militants in some Arab countries which had gone far beyond the hard tone to practices inciting violence.

The Algerian Mufti announced the infidelity of an opposition leader , AlWatan’s daily paper office was shot at in Saudi and lastly the Mujahideen Youth Movement  cut off the broadcast  of BBC in Somalia.

In Algeria, the Algerian Mufti, being Head of the Supreme Islamic Council , the highest religious authority, issued a statement earlier this month declaring Louisa Hanoun, Leader of the Algerian Labour Party as infidel against her statements in AlKhabar daily concerning women’s rights.
On 7/4/2010, in Saudi Arabia, a group of militants opened fire on Al Watan’s newspaper office because of the paper’s policy to criticize Islamic extremists, in an attempt to terrorize the newspaper staff  and  gag the critic voice.

Two days ago  and in Somalia, Mujahideen Youth Movement  seized the BBC broadcast equipment  leading to cutting off BBC emission in zones under the militants’ control claiming the BBC is challenging the Islamic state project in Somalia.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights declared regret and strong condemnation of militants using such violent methods , blasphemy accusations and incitement to hatred for suppressing other voices and silencing opinions contrary to them.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said that it undoubtedly refused that these  powers would use and twist Islam to deal with the other as being owners of the truth and in such a dictating manner. Extremists behave as though there were a divinely ordered to silence all different opinions. In fact, no one, no entity has the right to appoint  themselves guardian in name of religion.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information requested all moderate forces, reformers and defenders of freedom of opinion and expression in the world to take a refusing stance of such practices and to face these practices which are seriously harmful to Islam and Muslims.  All defenders of freedom of opinion should take positive steps to expose these practices and to prove their irrelevance to any religion.