The abuse against the leftist prisoner of conscience Gamal Abdel Fattah and depriving him of his right for a weekly visit continues

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) stated that the series of abuse to the leftist pharmacist opinion-prisoner Gamal Abdel – Fattah is still going on inside his prison Torra Farm prison, by depriving him of his family weekly visits and informing his family today that there are instructions to deprive Dr. Gamal Abdel Fattah of the visits.

This is despite the absence of a decision by the Supreme State Security Prosecution to prevent the visit and to enable the families of all accused persons held in custody to be visited by their relatives.

Dr. Gamal had announced during his previous imprisonment renewal hearing on May 2nd, that he refuses to appear before the Chief Prosecutor and to answer his questions. He also refused to sign the minutes of the hearing. This came after he had described the constraints that he has been exposed to since he came to prison, as preventing the entry of food and the treatment during family visits, as he was not allowed to sit with them except for a few minutes, preventing him from the exercise and going to the prison library, denying him to have papers and pens. He described the sessions of imprisonment renewal to be a farce in which he refused to participate while stressing that he was forced to come to the headquarters of the Supreme State Security Prosecution by the deputy head of the prison service and head of the prisons of Torra farm prison.

A number of security personnel dressed in both plain clothes and official uniforms had raided the house of Dr. Gamal Abdel-Fattah at dawn of February 28th, 2018 in Hadaeq Al-Ahram area and took him to an unknown location.

He remained in forced disappearance before appearing in the State Security Prosecution on March 8th 2018, during which time he was being interrogated in case No. 482 of 2018, Supreme State Security, on charges of establishing a terrorist group, promoting the group’s ideas on Facebook, and spreading false news and statements.

ANHRI called on the authorities to respect the constitution and the law, which gives the detainees the right to a weekly visit, and to hold those responsible for issuing such instructions that violate the provisions of the Egyptian constitution accountable, which stipulates preserving human dignity and stopping the cycle of abuse against Dr. Gamal Abdel Fattah. .