About the website and the editorial policy

ANHRI’s Websites anhri.net

anhri.net is the website of The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, for publishing ANHRI’s statements and publications, in addition to statements from various human rights organizations related to freedom of expression and press freedom, as well as all the news received from various sources related to freedom of expression and freedom of the press in all its forms, to become a portal concerned with freedom of expression “in all its forms” and defend such laws, news, trials, means of communication and the Internet, in Egypt and the Arab world.

Editorial policy of the website

 The objectives of the website

1 – Ensuring the citizen’s right to accurate, clear, integrated and swift knowledge of events related to freedom of expression.

2 – Spreading the culture of the right to freedom of expression and to gain support for the issues of media freedoms and the strengthening of democratic practice.

3 – Creating a website dedicated to all journalists, researchers and those interested in freedom of expression in all its forms.

4 – Documenting and collecting the violations of freedom of expression in the Arab region.

Our audience

ANHRI offers its website in its new form to journalists, scholars and researchers in the field of freedom of expression, the representatives of the peoples and governments in the Arab region, the activists, and all those interested in the situation of freedom of expression in the region.

Means of achieving the objectives

1 – Following-up the news about journalists syndicates and unions in the Arab countries.

2 – Covering the statements and reports of human rights organizations working on freedom of expression.

3 – Covering the news of the courts and the cases on freedom of expression.

4 – Publishing draft laws on freedom of expression, discussing them and commenting on them.

5 – Drafting news articles in accordance with the readers rights’ to objective information and upholding citing the sources of information.

6 – Following-up news about governmental and non-governmental organizations activities and meetings related to freedom of expression.

7 – Continuing to publish all new trends in the world of journalism and publishing.

8 – Allowing access to the website archives for scholars and researchers in the field of freedom of expression through an advanced search tool to search by country, by date or by tags.

The webiste is committed to its visitors to

1 – Upholding journalism ethics; integrity, professionalism and fairness.

2 – Striving to get to the truth before publication, attributing the words and deeds to the sources of information where available, the recognition of error and taking immediate corrective action after taking note of the fact, and avoiding its recurrence.

3 – Commitment to media standards to the readers’ right to distinguish between news and opinion, and avoiding ads.

4 – Defending freedom of belief and avoiding provoking religious or sectarian strife or challenging the beliefs of others, the website is also committed to the fight against corruption, tyranny and terrorism.

5 – The website rejects in principle the imprisonment and criminal prosecution in publishing cases, and supports journalists and media professionals with regards to freedom of expression.

6 – Respecting the sanctity of private life.

7-      Avoiding discrimination, racism, incitement or fomenting religious and sectarian strife or incitement to hatred.

8-    Refusing encroachment on any person without being accused or convicted, abiding by the rule, “the defendant is innocent until proven guilty”.

9-    Refuses insulting, defamation and libel of any person.

10-   Ensures the right of reply and correction to anyone mentioned on the website, on condition that such reply or correction does not exceed the limits of the subject matter and does not involve the violation of freedom of expression values.

11-  The website is committed not to publish the names or photographs or interviews with anyone under the age of 18 years, whether they are accused or convicted or victims of any form of violence, or any content that might waste their rights.

12-  No derivatives in the context or meaning of any quote.


Opinion Pieces:

ANHRI welcomes all opinions regardless of political, partisan and ideological positions, and to publish an article does not mean that ANHRI is aligned to a particular political or intellectual stream.


All visitors who need any clarification or wish to comment on any aspect of the site please do not hesitate to contact us on:

e-mail: [email protected]

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